14 Delicious Recipes To Make This Your Best Easter Yet

It's Easter time! Yay! Naturally, I'm a big fan of this wonderful time of the year because not only do I get to spend time with my family, I get to cook and enjoy SO much amazing food.

My boyfriend Mitch LOVES chocolate (he's actually a chocoholic haha) but for me, I get more excited about Sunday lunch. I just love piling my plate high with various heaps and a HUGE amount of sides (they're my favourite part of every feast!).

And while Greek easter is still another week away for me that doesn't mean I can't share with you my favourite recipes for easter lunch.

From succulent meats to delicious sides and addictive desserts, I've got everything you need to make this your best easter ever!



1. Lemon and Cherry Tomato 

I love one tray bakes because their super healthy and packed with flavour! This Lemon and Cherry Tomato tray bake only takes a few minute to marinate and then simply pop in the oven. Easter lunch (or brunch) doesn't get much easier than this!


2. Thai Baked Barramundi 

I absolutely love the flavours of this fish! Barramundi is a very mild and soft fish, which is seriously good for those non-seafood lovers. It's fresh, it's fresh and it's going to make your guests' mouths water!



3. Tandoori Style Lamb

This Tandoori Style Lamb is 100% mouthwatering! It's super delicious but also super easy to make. The tandoori marinade is so simple but PACKED with flavour. Plus, you can choose to use either a lamb leg or shoulder to bake in the oven - it's completely up to you.

In just over 2 hours, you'll be enjoying most tender slow cooked lamb (and even leftovers). PERFECT for a Easter!


4. Honey and Garlic Chicken Wings

When you're cooking for a lot of people - aka Easter lunch - you need a super simple recipe that's easier to make in bulk and nothing could be more perfect for this than Honey and Garlic Chicken Wings. They're a super quick and delicious way to keep everyone happy.


6. Thai Pork Skewers

Just like these chicken wings, these Thai Pork Skewers are a very easy way to please a crowd. Simply marinate, skewer and then cook in a pan or on the BBQ!


Sides (My favourite!!)

7. Quinoa Salsa Salad

If you're looking for some healthier options for this easter than this salad is your new best friend. It's so quick and easy to make, and great way to add some freshness into your easter feast.


8. Strawberry and Spinach Salad

This might seem like a odd choice but the combination is super delicious! Everyone will be piling it onto their plates.


9. Haloumi Pasta Salad

I mean who doesn't LOVE pasta salad?! At any feast - whether it's Easter, Christmas or just your standard family BBQ - this is an absolute must-have for me.


10. Crispy Bacon and Cheese Potatoes 

Another must-have for your Easter lunch! These crispy potatoes are SO delicious, they'll leave you wanting more.


11. Cheesy Broccolini

This is one of the most popular recipes on my website and it's not surprise why! It's super easy to make and so tasty. Don't be surprised you end up just eating a big plate of broccolini for Easter!



12. Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

For a healthy treat, there's no going past these amazing peanut butter cups. So sweet and delicious, you and your guests will be loving every single bite.


13. Chocolate Brownie

If you really want to enjoy Easter to it's fullest potential, then you're going to need the Chocolate Brownies. They're so easy to make but perfectly decadent! Don't be surprised if they disappear quickly - they're that good.


14. Oreo Balls 

I mean do I really need to say anything more? It's all in the name! These Oreo Balls are pure heaven in your mouth and a sure to satisfy any chocoholic this Easter.


So there you have it! My most delicious recipes for you to enjoy your best Easter yet! Be sure to try one, three or even all of the recipe over the holidays and let me know how you go on Instagram. I absolutely love hearing from you!

Have an amazing Easter!

Leah xx