Leah's Mantra

You’re in the right place if you’re bored with food, and want a little more excitement -  well, buckle in for some seriously delicious, nutritious and incredibly satisfying food that is healthy but doesn't compromise on taste - ever! I come from a big greek background, so fresh, delicious and healthy food is always at the forefront when I am recipe developing.

If you don't feel confident in the kitchen, or you've had a 'bad' relationship with food, I’ve created guides to help kickstart your journey to LOVING food, loving being in the kitchen and hopefully to inspire you to explore your own tastebuds and challenge your way of cooking. 

My motivation comes half from an absolute passion for food, health, wellness and business and the other half from seeing my community thrive, change their lives through using my products. It’s an incredible feeling, and I use my passion and my community’s success in their own lives as motivation to do more for them everyday. 

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