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Hi, I’m Leah Itsines

I’m Leah Itsines, creator of the Balanced And Realistic Eating Guides (BARE). I’m a self-taught cook who has been in the kitchen since I was 5 years old.

My BARE Guide will give you all the tools you need to enjoy all of your favourite foods & get the results you want, whether it be weight-loss, weight-gain or overall just being healthier. Become healthier, happier and the best version of YOURSELF with BARE. Join thousands of women around the world eating from BARE!


I've made healthy eating, easier than ordering takeout

Quick & Easy Recipes

With over 120 recipes exclusive to the BARE Guide that are dietitian approved and nutritionally balanced to ensure you are eating a balanced diet each and every day. I have tailored the portion sizes for you and catered for those with gluten, dairy and nut intolerances, so you can swap between ingredients with ease.

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Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Healthy eating has never been so easy, you can now plan your meals for the week with ease using The BARE Guide! Create meal plans to suit YOUR lifestyle and YOUR needs, with hundreds of recipes to match. Food shopping is a breeze with our customisable shopping lists, so you’ll always have something healthy to eat!

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Track Your Progress & Stay Accountable With Our Online Community

Connect with women all over the world in our members only Facebook community group. Feel motivated and supported with 40,000 women worldwide eating from The BARE Guide, all working towards their health and fitness goals.

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Start Your Healthy Eating Journey With Over 35 Easy To Read Resources

Learn how to how to portion control, meal prep, make swaps & alternatives for allergies/intolerances, make healthy eating sustainable for life and much more with your step-by-step guide to start your healthy eating journey today.

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Eat Your Way

You’ll be eating delicious new food, that YOU like while still achieving YOUR goals


120+ quick and easy meat-based recipes, exclusive to The BARE Guide. Including your favourite foods like curry, pasta, pizza and burgers in a delicious and healthy way. We also have gluten-free, nut-free and diary free swaps & alternatives.

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BARE Vegetarian

120+ quick and easy vegetarian-based recipes, exclusive to The BARE Guide. BARE Vegetarian does include dairy and eggs, however, does have a vegan alternative on over 100 of the recipes. Including your favourite foods like curry, pasta, pizza and burgers in a delicious and healthy way. We also have gluten-free, nut-free and diary free swaps & alternatives.

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Need more info?

The BARE Guide is designed to help women feel happy and healthy, while enjoying all their favourite foods. I've always believed that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated or boring. BARE teaches you how to enjoy a balanced and healthy relationship with food without restriction. With over 120 recipes, flexible weekly planners and an abundance of educational resources, BARE focuses on taste and ease just as much as nutrition.

From burgers and curries to pancakes and banana bread, each recipe is quick, easy and, most importantly, super delicious! I've worked with an in-house dietician to ensure BARE gives your body all the daily macronutrients your body needs to thrive.

With the BARE guide you receive lifetime access! BARE is a downloadable guide, so it will be with you forever as soon as you download. We have the online portal if you ever lose the guide to re-download.

Each BARE Guide is a separate purchase.We do have a bundle option available which allows you to purchase both guides at 25% off the retail price. If you have one of the BARE guides and would like the other, log into your portal and click on your drop down menu, here you will see a discounted rate for the other guide. Click this and the price will automatically be discounted. This price will be similar to the price if you were to buy the bundle.