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Healthy Eating Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Feel happy and healthy while enjoying your favourite foods with ease.

  • 120+ recipes exclusive to BARE so you don't ever have to search Google hungry again.
  • 12 weeks worth of meal planners so you can meal prep each and every week.
  • 12 weeks worth of shopping lists so you can shop within your budget and minimise your time at the supermarket each week.
  • Includes all of your favourite foods like curry, pasta, burgers, pizza, in a healthy variation so you can still achieve your goals.
  • I have tailored the portion sizes for you so you don't have to worry about overeating or how much you should be eating.
  • The BARE Guide caters for those with gluten, dairy and nut intolerances so you can swap between ingredients & meals with ease, as you need.
  • Learn to eat healthy food, sustainably for life so you never have to "diet" again.
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The BARE Guide Comes With A TON Of Resources!

I have Put This Together So That You Have Everything You Need To Live A Healthy Lifestyle, Sustaintably For LIFE.

  • I have developed all BARE Guide recipes to be interchangable so you can eat to suit YOUR lifestlye.
  • Give up dieting for good so you can actually enjoy your realtionship with food.
  • BARE is tailored to the AGHE (Australian Guide to Healthy Eating) so you know everything you're eating is actually healthy.
  • If you know me you know I don't skip on flavour, so you can enjoy nutritious food that is packed with flavour.

Meal planners and resources

Create your own, or use my example weekly planners to plan your meals in advance.

  • Build your own meal plans to suit your lifestyle & food preferences
  • Meal prep, batch cook or cook as you go, to suit your lifestyle
  • Educational food & cooking resources to guide you through your journey

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“The recipes are simple, quick, healthy and most importantly delicious! Meal prepping is part of my lifestyle and BARE has made it a more enjoyable activity.“ - Angela Martin @the_healthy_diary_
“This way of eating fosters a healthy relationship with food and gives the power back to us to enjoy food how it should be! The recipes are so tasty, easy to follow and can be varied if needed to fit dietary requirements. “ - Amelia Kay @ameliasbalancedkitchen
“Filled with delicious, exciting and nutritious meals that are easy to prepare, cost efficient and simply just taste good! The BARE Guide is an absolutely must have and I guarantee you will love it as much as I do!“ - Chloe Singleton @healthywithchloe
“I’ve never believed in diets but rather just enjoy foods in a balanced manner. Leah’s BARE Guide is exactly that! It’s a realistic eating guide without complications and still enjoying all your favourite foods.“ - Rouba @the_foodie_kitchen
“I’ve struggled with my eating for many years. My diet struggles with food have either been too much, too little, or too restricted. I’m not the greatest cook but somehow these simple recipes make it look and taste like I actually know what I’m doing it the kitchen.“ - Katrice @katricenoelle
Lifetime Access For Only $59.97

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