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I absolutely love BARE and what Leah is all about. I really love the fact that all the meals are really healthy and maintainable each and everyday. It's not a fad diet and I don't have that pressure to count calories or macros. It makes me enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I know I'm nourishing my body with east meals for me and my family. 

Dani Guy (@daniguy)

I have sent your posts and stories of food to my boyfriend everyday for the last few months and today he surprised me and got me BARE! I have never been so excited to cook (and eat!) in my life! I cant wait to try them all out and I can thank you enough for the inspiration! 

Alycia Loriz (@alycianicole94)

I purchased BARE today and already rushed to the shops to get everything! I made burrito bowls tonight, husband and toddler approved! 


Hey Chickie! I just wanted to give you the BIGGEST of thank yous for changing my outlook on healthy eating. Your recipes are amazing, easy and most importantly delicious! I took the chicken patties to work one day and everyone was saying how yummy they looked! I’m trying the burrito bowls tomorrow (hopefully they look half as good as yours) Keep doing what you’re doing because you really are inspiring me to live a healthier lifestyle without losing my love for food! Xx