The 5 Best 3pm Work Snacks!


Ahhhh 3pm! Lunch has been and gone but dinner is still so far away.

Being hungry or - let's face it - even bored at work calls for a seriously amazing and filling snack that will keep you going till home time. 

Say hello to your new life 5 best 3pm snack ideas! All of them are seriously so quick and easy to make, and taste incredible. You'll be loving every bite.

1. Peanut Butter Bars

These are super delicious, and so easy to make! They are perfect for work and will definitely hit the spot around that 3 o'clock snack time. The combo of dates, nuts oats will keep you plenty of energy, while keeping you nice and full.

2. Pumpkin and Zuchinni Fritters

These are straight from yiayias! These are called something I cant pronounce, but just know they're authentic...she was watching me the entire time haha! They make an amazing savoury snack to enjoy either cold or warm. One batch makes 30 so you'll be set for days. 

3. Protein Balls

Protein Balls...Bliss Balls...(whatever you want to call them) are nothing new but are seriously the PERFECT snack for work! Sweet, tasty and oh so filling, what more could you ask for?! You HAVE TO TRY my Peanut Butter Protein Balls. They are the bomb! And my Apple Energy Bites, Vanilla and Almond Butter Protein Balls and Apricot Bliss Balls are also amazing! Try a different flavour every week.

4. Spicy Trail Mix

This is a perfect little meal prep recipe that I created for a healthy but also really satisfying snacks! How boring is snacking on a couple of almonds?! No thankkkk you!! This recipe is super delicious. 

5. Banana and Oat Muffins

AHHH these are like my banana bread (the biggest winner) but muffins...and a whole lot of oats! They're super moist and delicious, perfect for a grab and go snack. 

Give a recipe or 3 a go this week and be sure to let me know how you like them in the comments below and even share your creations on Instagram with the tags @leahitsines and #leahitsines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing and hearing from you!

Happy snacking,

Leah x