My Daily Meal Plan For Busy Women


I don't know one single person in the world who hasn't struggled with time when it comes to cooking. 

You're busy. I'm busy. Everyone's busy.

There's not many people who can - or let's face it actually want to - spend hours in the kitchen.

BUT the reality is...we still want food! We need food! (Can't live with out it - literally!)

Preferably yummy, fresh, nourishing food that takes 10 minutes to cook.

So here is my solution for YOU!

A super easy daily meal plan designed to fit into your busy life.

If you're ever time poor, crazy busy, have no idea what to make or feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the idea of cooking then come back to this.

This is the perfect place to start for anyone who has no basically everyone!

Let's get started...



Ok so I know we're all busy but everyone has 5 minutes to make overnight oats.

This is the perfect easy and tasty breakfast with endless flavour combinations.

The trick is to make them night before!

While your making dinner take a moment to simply put all you ingredients in a container...I'm talking oats, choice of milk and any extras (e.g. berries, protein powder, chai seeds, peanut butter)...stir and then put in the fridge.

It doesn't get an easier than that. 

Overnight oats can last 5 days in the fridge so make a up a few containers so you have breakfast all ready to go for the next few days!

You can even heat them up in the microwave for 1 minute if your craving a warm breakfast!

I have so many AMAZING overnight oats recipes! From Peanut Butter and Cacao to Chocolate to Vanilla and Berry. YUM! Check them all out here.

For more easy breakfast ideas check out this blog post here and same rule...make in bulk!


Overnight Oat Recipe




Snacks are life!

They're what get you through the day, keep you full and stop you from demolishing the cookie jar at 10am and 3pm.


...I have some great snack recipes that you can create a big batch in under 30 and keep you going for the rest of the week!

I'm talking Protein Balls, Egg Breakfast Muffins, Spicy Trail Mix & Peanut Butter Bars. 


...I also have some great quick snack ideas you can make at work or home.

1. Have carrots & cucumber on hand to cut up when you hungry and eat with hummus (Store bought or make your own here)

2. Protein yoghurt or yoghurt with berries.

3. Piece of fruit with nut butter (If you're feeling it you can easily make your own here)

Tip: If you have a fridge at work, keep your snack ingredients in there so you can grab them when you need them. That way you don't need to be constantly prepping ahead of time.


Protein Balls Recipes



This is where a little organisation makes a world of difference!

When you're cooking dinner or lunch go by the rule "Cook Once, Eat Three"!

Basically, every time you're cooking, you want to be making enough for at least a couple of leftovers (for each person).

This might take you 10-15 extra minutes to make more but will save you heaps of time and money in the long run!

Leftovers are the perfect grab and go lunch, and easy dinner.

If you don't want to eat the meal 3 days straight then just pop a serve in the freezer for when you want it.

BUT I know what you're thinking...

...I still have to cook to get leftovers! 

Yes! That's still true but these amazing recipes below make leftovers and meal prepping super easy.

1. Honey Salmon

2. Mexican Beef

3. Chilli Lime Chicken

4. Tumeric Rice with Sweet Potato and Black Beans

Plus so many more here!

Also check out these blog posts for healthy work lunch ideaseasy dinner recipes, my top 15 minutes dinners and also 3 best one tray dinners.


Mexican Beef


Give the plan a go and try a recipe or two this week and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your feedback! Be sure to also share your creations with me on Instagram so I can like, comment and share! Use the tag @leahitsines and hashtag #leahitsines to reach out.

Leah x