My 10 Favourite Brunch Recipes

Let's be honest, whenever we get a morning off or some time to ourselves to just chill out and relax.. It's quite amazing. 

What better way to spend this time than with some delicious food.. Here are My 10 Favourite Brunch Recipes!

For the Savoury Lovers:

1. Shakshuka (Baked Eggs)

YAY! Who doesn't love baked eggs! They're seriously delicious and one of my favourite Sunday breakfast cook ups when I have a little more time! This recipe was by @katiegb as a part of my community recipes! Thank you Katie!


Easy Shakshuka Baked Eggs


2. Asparagus and Zucchini Fritters

This is cafe level brunch style! These Asparagus and Zucchini Fritters are incredible especially when you add a poached egg on top. 



3. Pancetta and Sun Dried Tomato Omelette

How good are omelettes? 🍳Do YOU guys have a favourite flavour? I swear I never stick to one, its basically whatever I have in my fridge, goes in! 😂 This is a pancetta, basil and semi dried tomato omelette and it is AMAZING!



4. Salmon Salsa Pockets

We have these at Christmas as a little appetiser but they are perfect brunch addition too. They're really fresh and lemony, perfect for those summer days coming up.


Easy Salmon Salsa Pockets


5. Simple Hollandaise Sauce

How good is Hollandaise! I LOVE making my own so I can spice up the flavours and of course it's what makes the classic brunch favourite; Eggs Benedict. This recipe is sooo tasty and sooo easy, you'll wonder why you ever eat out.


Easy Hollandaise Sauce


6. Mushroom and Pancetta Frittata

This will soon be your new favourite brunch option. It's super simple and easily feed the whole family.

Tip: is make a big batch so you have some leftover to grab on the go when a lazy brunch isn't possible.


Mushroom and Pancetta Frittata


For the Sweet Tooths:

7. Sticky Date Oats

Yessss YAY! I love this community recipe by Jenny (@theactivebod). It is SO DELICIOUS! The perfect brunch for those colder mornings or when you just want something that tastes like cake!


Sticky Date Oats


8. Berry Buttermilk Pancakes

Pancakes are clear brunch favourite and OH MY these are super delicious! The strawberries are the perfect addition! I love making a BIG stack of pancakes and topping them with maple syrup or coconut yoghurt but you can add whatever you like.


Easy Buttermilk Pancakes


9. Peach Parfait 

Summer is nearly here in AUS, which means peaches are coming back into season! YAY! I love enjoying a beautiful big fruit salad or parfait on a warm Sunday morning. The best thing about parfaits in the they looks really fancy but they're actually SOOO EASY to make. It's a win win.


Easy Peach Parfait


10. Coffee Banana Smoothie

I don't think brunch is complete without a coffee AND a smoothie, which is why I LOVE this Coffee Banana Smoothies so much! It is so delicious! It's definitely my favourite morning smoothie because the shot of coffee gives me a little wake up!


Coffee Banana Smoothie


Try a recipe or two this week and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your feedback! Be sure to also share your creations with me on Instagram so I can like, comment and share! Use the tag @leahitsines and hashtag #leahitsines to reach out.

Leah x