My 10 Favourite Healthy Dinner Recipes!

It's really easy to get stuck when trying to think of healthy dinner ideas.. Quick, easy and delicious dinners aren't always the easiest to come up with on a weeknight after work! So hopefully My 10 Favourite Healthy Dinner Recipes, give you some inspiration throughout the week and you too can enjoy some delicious food.

1. Chicken With Cashew Nuts

Everyone loves a good stir-fry and this recipe is super delicious, which is also boyfriend approved basically the good old chicken & rice but better.. haha!

2. Beef Chow Mein

Beef Chow Mein with cabbage is a beautiful Chinese inspired recipe that is SO delicious (and even better for left overs the next day!) It's a super quick and easy dinner that the whole family can enjoy and great way to use up leftover beef mince.

3. Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

These Chicken Teriyaki Bowls are super delicious! It's such a yummy yet still incredibly healthy & easy dinner, lunch or meal prep idea. Plus, this chicken recipe is also super kid friendly & an amazing meal that the whole family can enjoy.

4. Avocado Pesto & Prawn Pasta

Because Pesto is my jam... Honestly, Pesto Pasta has to be one of my favourite dishes. Packed full of flavour and super quick and easy dinner to make.. The family will love this one!

5. Vegan Dahl

This recipe is SUPER tasty and packed full of the good stuff. High protein, and high delicious-ness. Yes, thats a thing. 

6. Lemon Salmon with Fresh Tomato Salsa

I absolutely love fresh meals like this - they leave you feeling super light! The salmon has a delicious lemony flavour to it, which works amazingly and paired with a fresh salad - you cant go wrong! 

7. Budget Friendly Poke Bowls

I have always loved poke bowls, but there sometimes on the expensive side! but....never fear....the canned tuna has come to the rescue!

8. Spicy Beef with Rice and Veggies!

This recipe is an absolute favourite for me, its SO EASY and quick, makes a perfect dinner or an easy meal prep for a couple days ahead! 

9. Spaghetti Alla Pana

This was my FAVE thing to make with mum when I was little! I loved eating the ham and mushrooms once they were cooked before the cream goes in, it tastes so good!! 

10. Light Creamy Chicken

You HAVE to try this LIGHT creamy chicken! The amazing flavours from the fresh herbs and the sun dried tomatoes make it taste absolutely amazing. 

I hope you enjoy My 10 Favourite Healthy Dinner Recipes!

Leah xx