How To Start On The Right Track With Your Weight Loss Journey (plus my favourite journey kick-starter recipes)

Starting on the right track can be tough! 😰

Motivation comes and goes.. You have days where the motivation is high, and other days when you can’t be bothered doing anything. ⁣

Something I have learnt on my own journey is that starting on the right track is about building good habits, encouraging self-discipline and most importantly, understanding that you'll need to get outside your comfort zone every once and a while! 

Think about it like this...

Just like you brush your teeth in the morning, it’s not motivation that does that for you, it’s discipline. That act or behaviour is instilled in you that it's a good thing you should be doing everyday. ⁣

Just like you book an appointment with your hair dresser, it’s not motivation that gets you there, it's disciple. You were taught that if someone is waiting on you, it would be wrong to not show up.

The same goes for eating well and exercising! It should be a PART OF YOUR DAY.

So book it in. Write it in your diary. Schedule it on your phone's calendar.

Just like you would an appointment or a reminder to pay a bill. Don’t skip out on yourself or wait for motivation to hit you. TRAIN it in yourself that THIS (whatever it may be) is going to make me feel GOOD 😄💪🏼

This mindset was especially important for me while I progressed through my weight loss journey. Scheduling in time where I can prepare my meals, some time to exercise, to stretch, to take Wally for a walk in the sunshine, etc. All the time that make me feel GOOD while on my journey.

It's completely normal at first to somethings feel challenged in your new routine because it’s something different to your usual day-to-day.. but trust me.. that is where the fun happens!!

If you’re struggling or stuck at the moment, absolutely join me on my journey with BARE Lean. Because this guide isn't just about getting leaner, but it actually gives you ALL the tools you need on your weight loss journey. Including taking out all the stress of counting calories (because we do it all for you so you never even have to look at calories!). It also gives you a platform to track the changes to your energy levels, stress levels, mood, body measurements and progress photos too! 💪🏼

You can read more about BARE Lean here.. BUT in the meantime, how about some of my favourite recipes that'll kickstart your healthy weight loss journey?!

I hope you love them as much as I do 🤤💪🏼

Here we go!! ⬇️⬇️



My All-Time Favourite Healthy Spin

Crunchy Chicken Tenders

Crunchy chicken tenders recipe by leah itsines



For The Most Incredible Taste & Colour!

Red Curry Fish Cakes with Noodle Salad

Red curry fish cakes with noodle salad recipe by Leah Itsines



Amazing For Family Dinners

Zucchini and Tuna Slice

Zucchini and tuna slice recipe by leah itsines



The Ultimate Snack

Lamington Protein Balls

Lamington protein ball recipe by leah itsines



My Go-To For Weekday Lunches Meal-Prep

Sesame BBQ Chicken with Lemon Yoghurt Dressing

BBQ chicken sesame meal prep bowl recipe by leah itsines