How You Can Change Bad Habits!

Trying to change habits is something that we have all danced with at one point or another.. and the dance always tends to go the same way...

We set big goals that are only ever really achievable months or even years down the track, and then proceed to get upset when we're not able to achieve them.. say..  tomorrow. Haha sound familiar? It's okay, I'm guilty of it too! If I had a dollar for every time I had let myself down as a result of setting an unattainable goal...

I noticed the pattern of this whole dance not long ago, and ever since then, I made sure I set myself healthy achievable goals

BUT.. do you want to know the REAL method to how I drastically changed my habits?!

I changed how I THOUGHT about it. I started thinking about the things I wanted to ADD to my life, rather than the things I wanted to take out.


What do I mean by this?


Leah Itsines doing ab bikes during workout on a local oval


By replacing negative “I’m going to stop doing this” statements with some actionable, POSITIVE statements, it changes the way your mind will process the new habit you're trying to implement!

EVERYTHING is about mind over matter! By re-training the thought process around your habits, it will make it so much easier for you to fill your life with positive thoughts and habits you can be proud of!


So try this:

  • Replace “I’m going to stop drinking coffee” with “I’m going to drink more water through the day (so I don’t need so much coffee!)”.
  • Replace “I’m going to stop eating junk” with “I’m going to plan out my meals so I have a filling dinner organised at night (so I don’t feel hungry/bored for a 9pm snack!)”.
  • Replace “I’m going to stop going to bed late” with “I’m going to plan to read in bed at 8pm for an hour (so I’m already in bed and feel ready to go to sleep at 9pm!)”.


The reason I build these additions around healthy habits is because they will be more likely to stick that way, AND I don't feel like I'm missing out. You’ll slowly move towards what you want, and more importantly.. STAY there.

I would have to say my BIGGEST tip for changing habits sustainably is this..

Don't try to change everything at once!!

Have you ever had the "new week new me" mentality, tried to change 10 things at once and then wondered why you felt so exhausted after a few weeks? I bet you found yourself reverting back to old habits very quickly after that. Am I right?

This is why I always think slow and steady wins the race.. ESPECIALLY when it comes to forming new habits for the LONG-TERM!

So try this for your week. Write down 1 thing this week that you want to ADD into your life, and work to accomplish that 1 thing this week. Then, you can re-evaluate how you went after the week is over.

Ask yourself.. Does this new addition need more nurturing in my mind and within my routine.. or am I ready to plan for a new addition next week?

Remember, practice ADDING to your life, and you will always have the skill to foster new positive habits easily!

These are all things that I teach my wonderful BARE ladies as apart of their BARE Lean Guides. Have you tried it yet? Click here and sign up for a completely free 7 Day BARE Lean Trial and we can smash this week together!

Leah x


Leah Itsines in stylish living room for a home BARE Lean workout