Why pasta should be your new best friend

Why Pasta Should Be Your New Best Friend


"Don't eat pasta, it's not good for you!" I'm sure we've all heard this before! But have you ever actually stopped to think.. Why does pasta have such a bad rap?

Pasta is amazing!! and one of my FAVOURITE meals! 

It’s filling, hearty, and rich with fibre. Pasta is a GOOD carb. However, I often have girls tell me about their hesitations to eat pasta. The truth of the matter is, pasta is NOT the enemy, pasta is one of my best friends and it should be yours to! Here's why:


  • One cup of cooked spaghetti has around 220 calories, 1 gram of fat, and no cholesterol. Zero cholesterol.
  • You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to a pasta selection, with many varieties on the market such as whole-grain, brown rice, spelt, corn, and soba (to name just a few). I always go for the wholegrain pastas - this way i'm kept fuller for longer and its packed full of fibre which is great for us! 
  • Pasta is a great source of the all too controversial carbohydrates. Don’t cry about carbs. They are one of our primary sources of energy which help us function, WE NEEEED THEM! WE LOVE THEM. 


  • The perks of portion control - eating an enormous bowl of pasta smothered in cheese or a heavy, creamy sauce is the reason WHY people say pasta is bad for you, its not the pasta itself, its the additions. Don't over do it with cheese, creamy or sauce and keep portions to 1 or 1-½ cups per person. This brings me to my next point. 
  • Get creative with healthy additions - add vegetables, lean meats, beans, fish, or a classic tomato sauce for a nutritious and delicious meal.

  • Use FRESH HERBS instead of thick sauces. Basil, parsley, chilli, thyme and more are ALL great in pastas to give it that extra flavour. No need to overload on salts when you have beautiful, fresh flavours to balance. 

As i mentioned before, It isn’t the pasta that’s bad for us it’s the cheesy/creamy/fatty meaty additions. Pasta itself should be embraced as a versatile energy sauce. A staple in a balanced diet. It’s time to let pasta shine like the glorious, good-carby god/goddess that it is. I mean how can you say no to a big hearty, warm bowl of pasta... It's all about balance and understanding how to control your portion sizes/make it the best for you. 

I hope this can help you in any way, but go...eat carbs and be merry! 

Leah x 

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