6 Easy Dessert Recipes That Are Actually Healthy

Now I believe in balance and the importance of enjoying ALL foods but...

...let's face it, sometimes you just want to enjoy a dessert or sweet treat after dinner without the sugar crash.

I love creating recipes that indulge your tastebuds but nourish your body!

Dessert doesn't have to equal a sugar overload, it can easily be packed with goodness, which is why I wanted to share with you these 6 easy desserts that are actually healthy.


1. Mango Cheesecake

This cheesecake is rich and creamy but yet so light and refreshing. Plus! This is not just any cheesecake...it's a raw vegan cheesecake.

I LOVE how easy it is to make to because all you're doing is blending and freezing, which means there's ZERO risk of burning or over cooking it.

It's basically idiot proof haha 


Vegan Mango Cheesecake


2. Salted Caramel Smoothie

If you're craving a milkshake or are one of those people who loves dessert breakfast, then whip up this sweet delight!

It's tastes AMAZING and will load you up with energy. You feel like you're on a sugar high but without the crash.

This super tasty community recipe is by the beautiful @danisobbi!!


Salted Caramel Smoothie


3. Chocolate Protein Lava Cake

These Choc-Protein Lava Cakes are an absolute MUST-HAVE dessert.

SUPER easy to make! They take less than 5 minutes in the oven and are actually a protein recipe well worth eating for dessert!

These almost taste to indulgent and too good to be true. It's basically a food mind game you just have to try.


Choc Protein Lava Cake


4. Mango Popsicles 

MANGO POPSICLES! I absolutely love having these by the pool in summer! 

These are a super simple healthy and refreshing snack. They'll keep you keep you cool in that super hot heat and can be easily kept in your freezer for whenever you need them.


Mango Popsicles


5. Apple and Granola Crumble

Oh I just love a good crumble and this Apple and Granola Crumble is the BOMB! The crunchy topping with the sweet and soft filling makes a heaven like combination.

This dessert is warming and nourishing but also gluten and refined sugar free! You'd never guess! (It tastes that good)


Apple and Granola Crumble


6. Banana and Raspberry Muffins

These muffins are packed full with the good stuff but you'd never know it because they are the ultimate snack or dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.

There's zero gluten or refined sugar so you can just enjoy!

My tip is to make a whole a big batch so you can enjoy this healthy treat for the rest of the week...if they last that long.


Banana Raspberry Muffins



Try a recipe or two this week and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your feedback! Be sure to also share your creations with me on Instagram so I can like, comment and share! Use the tag @leahitsines and hashtag #leahitsines to reach out.

Leah x