5 Winter Recipes I'm Loving Right Now

With cooler weather well and truly upon us, I've been trying to stay extra warm with delicious, warm, wintery meals! Today I'm going to share with you my "5 Winter Recipes I'm Loving Right Now" so hopefully you too can stay warm throughout this winter.

Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

Are you needing a winter warmer? Or need an immunity boost to fight off a cold?This soup is going to be your JAM! This Quick Chicken Noodle Soup recipe is nothing short of amazing! It's a great kid friendly dinner idea that the whole family can enjoy it together. Brb while I go live off this soup..

Remedy Pumpkin Soup

This easy and healthy pumpkin soup is so nourishing and so delicious. There's no cream in this one, instead I've made this pumpkin soup with coconut cream but you could also use coconut milk. The coconut makes this a great easy dinner recipe for vegans but I know everyone will love it. 

Pasta With Kale Pesto

This recipe is super easy to make. Pesto is super versatile and can last in the fridge for weeks at a time! This pesto recipe makes around a cup od pesto (so you have left overs!) and this can be put in the fridge to use as salad dressings, toast toppers or even to have as part of a dip platter! 

Chicken, Mushroom and Asparagus Pie

This Easy Chicken and Mushroom Pie is my new favourite! So quick, simple and healthy but super delicious. I wanted to give my bare guide community a new recipe and also those who are on the fence....a taste of what you're missing out on hehe!  This fits into model 1 of the Bare Guide! 

It's a super cheap dinner idea and great way to use up leftover roast chicken.

This is a great recipe for the kids and the whole family you enjoy.

Yiayia's One Pot Squid and Rice

SQUID & RICE! This is straight from the hands of my yiayia! This recipe was originally yiayia's famous "stuffed squid" where she would stuff tiny little squid tubes with the rice and tomato mixture, but it took almost 2 hours of active work before you even started to cook! The stuffed squid was almost like a "treat" dinner at yiayia’s, because it would take forever to make. I really loved it and wanted it to be more of a weekly meal (and a forever recipe I can make for my family in years to come), but I couldn't spend 2-3 hours at night cooking it!

I hope you loved this blog guys.. and most importantly I hope it helps you keep WARM throughout the winter! Let me know what else you'd like to see here :)

Leah xx