My Top 4 Favourite Baking Recipes!

It's no surprise I learnt to cook from both my Mum & Yiayia.. I mean I still love cooking and spending time with them in the kitchen. 
One thing I loved as a kid would be baking with both of them.. Mind you I haven't quite mastered my baking skills like they have! Here are My Top 4 Favourite Baking Recipes which would be perfect for you to try over the long weekend!

This recipe is so simple! My mum has been making Lemonade Scones for years and they are the most delicious, fluffy scones I've ever tasted! They're amazing fresh out of the oven and served with the traditional jam and cream.


Lemonade Scones Recipe


2. Choc-Hazelnut Cookies

These Choc-Hazelnut cookies are so delicious! They're a super amazing snack or filler dessert and the best thing is they won't take long for the kids prepare or bake.


Choc Hazelnut Cookies


3. White Choc Blondies

How goooood is a blondie?! Don't feel bad if you've only just figured out what a "blondie" is...because, me too!! haha! They're a white version of a chocolate brownie, using white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Your kids will love these just as much as they love licking the bowl.


White Choc Blondies Recipe


4. Oreo Balls

HERE IS YOUR NEW FAVE DESSERT! Oreo balls - they are the BOMB! They're a little crunchy on the outside with the chocolate, but then you have a deliciously smooth inside. Don't blame me if you and your kids gobble them all up at once.


Oreo Ball Recipe


You should try a recipe or two while it's the long weekend.. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your feedback! 

Leah x