Kick start your new year new you? Need a super refreshing juice? Look no further than this DELISH Beetroot, Apple and Coconut juice! It's seriously refreshing and also, If you're feeling a little under the weather it is PERFECT because it's full of ginger and lemon which always makes me feel super good! I used the amazing Macro Organic Coconut water only available at Woolworths to add a little delicious flavour. You have got to try this for sure!

Prep time: 5 minutes  

330ml Macro Organic Coconut Water 
1 small apple, sliced
1 small beetroot, raw 
3-4 mint leaves 
1cm fresh ginger
Ice to serve

Small lemon squeeze to taste 


  1. Add all ingredients into a high powered blender and blend until combined. If you don’t like the texture, run it through a sieve to remove the pulp. 
Love Leah XX