The Scales Are Lying About Your Weight Loss Progress!

Somehow there is a HUGE belief that the number on the scales will define your happiness, health, success and will solve your problems. When it absolutely doesn't. Infact, the scales lie about our weight loss progress every day! On morning, I weighed 71.3kg, got my period, and weighed 73.1kg the very next morning. Did I put on 1.8kg overnight? Unlikely. More recently, I weighed 68.9kg one morning, peed, and then weighed myself directly after and was 68.4kg 😂😂 CRAZY!!!

But do you know what’s even crazier? How much we RELY on the scales to determine our progress! Women’s weight fluctuates SO much. It'd be CRAZY to rely solely on the scales! Here's another fun fact for you about how the scale is lying about your progress...


Woman standing on white digital scale

You could be smashing your workouts and nutrition, getting leaner, fitter, stronger & more confident.. losing fat and gaining some amazing strength.. and your scale will have NO idea how to determine the difference between your new muscle and fat.. so it’s only going to show you the TOTAL number! And because muscle takes up a smaller space than fat (weighs the same but is different in comparison), the scale can show that you've even INCREASED weight when you've actually DECREASED fat. Talk about a let-down by the time it comes to weighing-in!

Thousands of women have been in contact with me while doing BARE Lean and saying that sometimes the scales haven’t moved in weeks for them, but the physical measurements of their body have GONE DOWN ⬇️ by huge amounts!!


Young woman in a yoga pose outside in the park during a bright autumn day


There has to be less of a focus on the number, and more about how you FEEL! But how do we do this and be able to track our progress? As women, we have to find ways to place more focus on goals that DON'T involve the scales – wins that are completely in our control and will make us genuinely HAPPY! I call these non-scale goals and I absolutely LOVE measuring them.


Here are my non-scale goals:

  • To fit into a smaller size of clothing (my old clothes!!)
  • To FEEL stronger in the gym (progression in my exercises)
  • To FEEL good in a bikini (just to comfortably lounge around in)
  • To FEEL lighter on my feet / leaner
  • To FEEL more confident in my own skin & clothes
  • To FEEL like I have more energy each day


These are my personal wins and I honestly know they will make me FEEL SO HAPPY when I reach them!! I can't stress enough, it's not about WEIGHT or the number on the scales.. that number is just a unit of measure.. and it loves to flat lie to our faces! So write down your new FEEL-GOOD non-scale goals and whatever they are.. track THEM and measure your progress on what REALLY matters during your journey!

Just last week I grabbed a pair of jeans that used to fit so damn snug, put them on again and they FIT, It was such a great feeling! And after sharing that win with you all, so many of you are trying on clothes that you hadn’t in a while, using that as one of your non-scale wins and are now LOVING your journey because of it! All by changing your mindset!! 😍👖


Leah Itsines Measuring A Non-Scale Win 


So share THIS.. share your non-scale wins and CELEBRATE THEM because THOSE are the ones that matter! 💛

Remember that weight loss doesn’t mean you can’t go out with your friends, that you can’t have cake at your friends birthday, that you have to say no to social events and weigh yourself every day to make sure you're on the right track…. weight loss means being consistently mindful of your choices, keeping your activity levels up, hydrating, tracking the wins over time that MATTER and continuously looking for ways to grow mentally along the way.

THIS is why I created BARE Lean... because this journey isn't just about getting leaner! I wanted to create a product that gives you ALL the tools you need on your weight loss journey (the ones that matter!). So I created an online platform where you can track the changes to your energy levels, stress levels, mood, body measurements and upload your progress photos! I know how AMAZING it will be for you all to see those changes flourish over time! 💪🏼

If you EVER have any questions about how I may be able to help you, PLEASE reach out because I am here for you! 💛

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I can't wait for us to celebrate our non-scale wins together 🥰

Leah xx