FREE Mini BARE Lean Workout

BARE Lean is LIVE and making absolute waaaaves with the community!! BUT if you're wondering how brutal I am when I designed the workouts in the guide.. how about a mini BARE Lean workout to get your blood pumping!

(yeah sorry in advance hahaha 🤪)



** - use weights with these exercises (if you have)

Round 1

15 squat and press**
50 skips
20 walking lunges**
50 skips
15 push ups
50 skips
20 jump squats

Round 2

40 ab bikes
40 mountain climbers
15 leg raisers** (weight held above chest)
40 mountain climbers
12 side rasiers**
40 mountain climbers
15 goblet squads**

REPEAT Round 1 & 2.


1 minute high plank
1 minute or 15 burpees (chest to ground)

I hope you love the workout.. I am SO EXCITED to smash this week with BARE Lean!

Lot's of love, 
Leah xx