Bangin' Breakfast Swaps

Leah Itsines Breakfast Swaps


Swap it, don’t stop it, is something I’m sure we’ve all heard countless times but guess what … IT’S AN ACTUAL REAL THING THAT WILL DO WONDERS FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Today I thought we’d focus on breakfast swaps - nutritious alternatives that will change up your daily routine for the better.

 SWAP sourdough bread FOR 5 seed loaf bread:

Although I do eat sourdough (nothing wrong with it!), sometimes I love the switch  to a more seedy loaf. More seeds, more fibre, more grainy goodness that your tummy will thank you for. Pair it with a poached egg and some avocado and you'll be feelin' satisfied! 

SWAP a fast food egg muffin FOR a home made egg muffin:

Instead of rushing past the golden M, pre make some eggy muffins! This way you can pick your own ingredients, skip on the nasties and have plenty for the rest of the week! Grab a super easy eggy muffin recipe here!

SWAP a chocolate muffin FOR a banana and blueberry muffin.

Sure, chocolate for breakfast is tempting, and also very delicious - but lets save it for easter! There are plenty of options, but if you're feelin' like a muffin.... these raspberry muffins are healthy and delicious - get the recipe here! 

SWAP  skipping breakfast FORa breakfast smoothie.

Trust me, I understand the struggle of the morning rush, and breakfast can often be the thing that gets left behind. The truth is, skipping this vital meal can be detrimental to your health (e.g. metabolism suffers, energy levels are depleted). A breakfast smoothie is a wonderful way to ease a morning meal into your routine. Try blending berries, oats, and almond milk (with a cheeky spoonful of peanut butter) and breakfast may just turn out to be something worth getting out of bed for! 

Hope these help you make delicious - but nutritious choices! 
Love, Leah x