My 3 Easiest Breakfast Recipes


I personally can't even function without breakfast! I NEED to eat in the morning because it helps my body wake up and get moving! In the rush to get ready, breakfast can easily be seen as low priority even though it so important for you. (I am so passionate about this that I wrote a whole post on it!)

What you need is a super nourishing breakfast that is also super easy and quick to make, and I've got not 1 but 3 solutions for you!

Here are my 3 go-to breakfast recipes for those crazy (and even not so crazy) mornings...

1. Coffee Banana Smoothie

There's nothing easier then a smoothie! But this one will really get you going with the shot of coffee. Simply put all the ingredients in the blender, blend and you're done. 

2. Overnight Oats

Don't have time to make breakfast in the morning? Just take 5 minutes at night to make some overnight oats. Then all you have to do in the morning is grab them out of the fridge! I LOVE overnight oats and creating different flavours. Some of my favourites include Peanut Butter & Cacao, Chocolate, and Vanilla & Berry.

3. Egg Breakfast Muffins

If you need something super easy to eat on the way to work or got kids that would like to pick their own ingredients? (I was so one of those kids haha!) Try these egg muffins! They are super easy to make and will last for up to three days in the fridge. These 3 quick breakfast ideas will keep you full and free up your time! Try one recipe or all recipes this week and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I love hearing your feedback!

Happy Cooking,

Leah x