4 Easy Ways To Make Delicious Lasagna

How good is lasagna?

I am personally a big BIG fan! Incase you can't tell haha

It's one of those meals that are filling, nourishing and loved by the whole family.

It's a guaranteed dinner winner, and one of the easiest ways to keep every one happy.

I love enjoying lasagna with my friends and family so today I wanted to share 4 easy ways to make the most delicious and most perfect lasagna!

Let's get into the good stuff...

1. Classic Beef Lasagna 

Oh my GOSH! This lasagna is seriously INCREDIBLE! I just love it so much because it's such a hearty meal and will fast become your family's new favourite.


beef lasagna


2. Vegetable Lasagna 

Oh YES, I'm super excited about this recipe, because its SOO delicious!! But also really light and healthy as it's packed with vegetables instead of pasta - I PROMISE no one will even notice. Be sure to make a little extra as everyone will be begging you for seconds.


veggie lasagna


3. Spicy Chorizo Lasagna

This is a new favourite recipe of mine! By now it's pretty clear that I LOVE lasagna, and the addition of spicy chorizo sausages takes the flavour to a whole other level. This is a MUST-TRY recipe. 


spicy chorizo lasagna


4. Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

So I know this isn't exactly lasagna but man this cannelloni tastes so damn good! This recipe cannelloni is the perfect hearty, warm and delicious meal....and EASY! I've separated the cannelloni and the sauce, so its not as daunting as it looks! Super simple, easy and the whole family will love it. 




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Leah x