My Top 5 Sweet Style Recipes

As you would know I believe in BALANCE when it comes to enjoying food and having a good relationship with food!

Balance to me means when you're craving a sweet dessert, EATING IT!! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and there's nothing wrong with that.

You don't have to go overboard.. But below are some of My Top 5 Sweet Style Recipes that I love to have from time to time.

Apricot & Oat Cookies

These Apricot and Oat Cookies are so sweet and delicious, and only take 30 minutes to make!

They're the perfect healthy treat for when you're craving sugar or need a 3pm work snack.

Plus, this is the perfect easy baking recipe for kids so it's a win win for everyone.

Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are DELISH and super great as a cheeky dessert if you're having that chocolate craving! They're gooey, fudgey and even really easy for kids to make.

Choc Protein Lava Cake

These Choc-Protein Lava Cakes are an absolute must have dessert. Super easy to make and take less than 5 minutes in the oven, they're a protein recipe well worth eating for dessert! 

Chocolate Spiders

This treat is something my mother used to make ALL the time at special occasions - and everyone LOVED IT! I mean, whats not to love about peanut butter and chocolate together?! 


Don't these look INCREDIBLE?! These are Greek Donuts called Loukoumades, they are the most amazing dessert ever! Basically its a donut covered in honey and cinnamon....and the best bit probaly have all the ingredients in your cupboard! 

I hope you guys love these recipes and remember to occasionally treat yourself.. Because you deserve it!

Leah x