My Top 5 Healthy Habits To Boost Your Overall Health


Being healthy and developing healthy habits are what we need to crush our goals, dreams and desires each and everyday. Sometimes, these can sound more daunting than what they actually are. It's important to note everyone is different and everyone has different interests, needs, wants and desires. What is a healthy habit to one person could be an unhealthy habit to someone else. It's important to do what's best for YOU and what suits YOUR lifestyle!

Like anything new, making healthy habits stick sustainably overtime will take TIME! So please be patience and make sure to keep at it! Below are healthy habits I've tried to incorporate into my daily routine, which I think can seriously benefit YOU and help boost your overall health, as they have done for me!

1. Eat A Variety Of Healthy Foods

It's important to eat healthy food of course, but it is super important to eat food YOU love. I love eating a variety of food because it allows me to eat from a broad 'diet' each and every week and saves me getting bored of food. 

On my website and in my BARE Guide I have hundreds of healthy recipes that will provide you with lots and lots of variation throughout the week. I always tell my friends to start small!

2. Drink Water

One that I have tried to recently incorporate is drinking more water throughout the day, especially while I'm at my desk. If you're not getting enough water into your body each and every day your body won't be functioning at its optimal level. 

If you're wondering how much water you should be drinking each day and would like tips on how to drink more water each day, check out my tips on exactly how much water should I be drinking in a day.

3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Now I'm not saying to sleep all day, because if I could.. I totally would. However, it's important to get between 7 - 9 hours sleep each night, so your body can repair itself and replenish all of your energy stores, so you can wake up feeling fresh and ready to conquer the day.

4. Cook At Home

Now, we all know how much I love cooking.. Maybe a little more than the average person, however, cooking at home will instantly make you healthier.. Okay maybe not, but things like meal prep and batch cooking will allow you to make healthier choices in the kitchen!

There's nothing worse than getting to work and forgetting lunch at home, so you're forced to buy a pie from the local deli. Trust me, that Tuna Greek Salad is much healthier.

5. Exercise Regularly

I can't stress this one enough, it's important to get moving and exercise regularly. Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a workout? I mean.. after the feeling of death! Exercise is crucial and can have a number of benefits to ones physical, mental and emotional health. 

While exercising isn't always easy, I would recommend starting small and exercising around YOUR schedule. Start 2-3 times a week by just getting your body moving and at a time of the day that you feel like you have an abundance of energy. By incorporating small doses of exercise into your daily/weekly routine you'll start to feel much better.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on My Top 5 Healthy Habits To Boost Your Overall Health! If you'd like to see any other specific blog posts, please let me know!