Everything You Need To Know About My Upcoming BARE Guide

I am so excited for you all to try my BARE Guide!

I've been receiving so many questions about the BARE Guide that I thought it was best to put all the answers in one place.

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Now let's get straight into the questions...

What is the BARE Guide?

The BARE Guide is designed to help women feel happy and healthy, while enjoying all their favourite foods. I've always believed that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated or boring. BARE teaches you how to enjoy a balanced and healthy relationship with food without restriction.

With over 120 recipes, flexible weekly planners and an abundance of educational resources, BARE focuses on taste and ease just as much as nutrition.

From burgers and curries to pancakes and banana bread, each recipe is quick, easy and, most importantly, super delicious! I've worked with an in-house dietician to ensure BARE gives your body all the daily macronutrients your body needs to thrive.

I've separated the BARE Guide into 3 blocks so you can easily digest the information - pun intended - and enjoy the recipes without overload, which you will receive every four weeks.

How long do I have to access the BARE Guide?

With the BARE guide you receive lifetime access! 

What level of cooking experience do I need?

None at all. All of the recipes are designed to be quick and easy, and beginners are super welcome and will have a community of support available! If you’re a experienced cook, I promise you’ll enjoy these delicious recipes just as much as the beginners!

I’ve tried so many programs before. What makes the BARE Guide different?

BARE first and foremost is NOT a diet or about restriction in any way! It’s all about balance and enjoying food. You won’t find extensive meal plans, complicated recipes or expensive ingredients here. BARE gives you all the resources you need to build a healthy relationship with food but most importantly, it shows you that you can cook and enjoy all your favourite foods, while feeling happy and healthy.

I have the original BARE ebook, is this just an updated version? Do I need to buy the BARE Guide?

The BARE Guide is completely NEW!

If you bought the BARE ebook I launched in 2018, you will need to repurchase the BARE Guide as it is completely NEW! From recipes and weekly planners to resources and support, everything is new and exclusive to the BARE Guide.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still purchase BARE?

Absolutely!! BARE is available world wide so everyone can enjoy it.


If you have any other BARE questions, be sure to let me know via my contact form or info@leahitsines.com.au! I absolutely love hearing from you and want to answer any questions you may have.

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With over 120 exclusive recipes, flexible weekly meal planners, shopping lists and an abundance of supportive resources, the BARE Guide makes healthy eating easy, sustainable and, most importantly, delicious.

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Don't forget to download your FREE BARE Taste Tester to enjoy 10 exclusive recipes from the BARE Guide! All of them are quick, easy, healthy and most importantly super delicious. 

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Leah xx