11 Genius Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Healthy eating and shopping doesn't have to be expensive - in fact it can be super affordable. With tricks, you can eat well and reach your healthy goals, all while saving time and money! 

From grocery lists and meal plans to budget friendly recipes, my 11 genius tips will help eat and cook healthy on a budget whether you're a student, cooking for the family or want to lose weight.

1. Calculate Your Budget 

Firstly, you need to work out a realistic budget that you can stick to. Work out how much you’re willing to spend on food each week (within reason) and this will help you not go overboard at the supermarket.

2. Plan Your Meals

A little organisation goes a long way and planning your meals is essential to saving money! In my BARE Guide, I recommend putting one day aside to plan your meals for the week and even provide weekly planners to make the process super easy.

When you know exactly what you're eating for the weekly, you only buy what you plan to purchase and don't waste money of unnecessary ingredients or takeaway.

3. Don't Forget To Plan Your Snacks

When you're planning out your meals, be sure to include your snacks! Snacks are super important in keeping your tummy full, energy high and spending low, as your then less likely to make impulsive purchases.

I personally eat three main meals and two snacks every day, as this suits my body and lifestyle, and therefore, it’s how I structured my BARE Guide.

You can learn more about healthy snacking here.

4. Stick to your shopping list

It's easy to get tempted by the extensive variety of food in the supermarket BUT in order to get healthy on a budget you need to stick to your shopping list. It's there for a reason and, if you've planned your meals, has everything you need for the week - so there's no need to stray away from it.

5. Meal Prep or Cook In Bulk

Cooking meals in large portions is key to saving time and money in the kitchen! By meal prepping or batch cooking the same recipe, it reduces the number of ingredients you have to buy and also ensure you have leftovers for the week - hello work lunches!

I designed every recipe in my BARE Guide to be easy to meal prep or batch cook because how much easier and cheaper it make healthy eating.

6. Shop Locally And In Season

Where possible, shop for things in season so you’re not paying a premium price. Often what’s in season will be what’s farmed locally within your region – another win, win!

7. Search For Specials

I love bargain hunting! When my local supermarket has pasta packets for 79c each, you can bet I’m filling my trolley up with at least 10 packets. Bargain hunting and shopping for specials in your supermarket will save you money!

8. Buy In Bulk (Frozen or Canned)

Much like bargain hunting, I love buying things in bulk. I’ll typically buy canned foods, dry goods, spices, frozen foods and other items with a long shelf-life as these can sit in the cupboard or freezer for a long time.

9. Get A Loyalty Card

If your local grocery store has some sort of rewards program, I suggest you sign up to it. I often shop at my local supermarket and gain frequent flyer points, which is amazing!

10. Use Your Phone To Calculate While Shopping

This is the easiest way to ensure you don't go over your budget and get any nasty surprised as the checkout! Now of course, I don't want you to go hungry - which is why your budget should be realistic - but this is a great way to make sure your don't get carried away with extra items. 

11. Swap And Alternate Ingredients

If there's one thing, I always recommend when it comes to cooking it's experiment, swap and alternate ingredients to suit your tastebuds, lifestyle and budget! So swap the veg in a recipe for cheaper and in season veg or buy and swap cheaper cuts of meat for stews, soups, curries and burritos. 

In my BARE Guide I provide an abundance of swaps and alternatives so you can eat the way you want even if you're on a budget!


I hope these tips help! If you do have any other questions please send them through to info@leahitsines.com.au.

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Leah xx