What's The Difference Between BARE Lean & Regular BARE or Vegetarian BARE?!

Hey guys,

I'm so pumped that BARE Lean is now LIVE and I can't wait to show you what we have in store for you!! Below are some of the answers to some of the questions I've been getting lately around the difference between BARE Lean and Regular or Vegetarian BARE, which we have out now. I hope this helps!

What Is BARE Lean?

BARE Lean is an individually tailored guide designed to support you in your goal of feeling leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident within yourself. Using your age, height, weight and sex, we provide you with an individually tailored guide with 120+ recipes that have been portioned specific to your energy and macronutrient needs.  

What does BARE Lean include?

  • 120+ NEW recipes exclusive to BARE Lean
  • 30+ exclusive BARE Lean workouts and workout demonstration videos
  • Interactive online progress and accountability trackers
  • 12 weeks of pre-filled weekly planners and shopping lists, as well as an interactive, downloadable and customisable weekly planner and shopping list to make your own 
  • Online chat support, a web based discussion forum and access to our official BARE Facebook community group, which allows you to interact with thousands of women on their own BARE journey’s
  • Ingredient swaps and alternatives to cater for allergies, intolerances and food preferences
  • Educational tools and resources

What is the difference between BARE Lean & Regular BARE?

BARE Lean is an individually tailored nutrition guide that takes into account your age, height, weight and sex, to provide individually tailored portioned recipes to support you in your journey to feel leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident within yourself. A weight loss factor has been applied in these calculations to place you in an energy deficit to support you in your BARE Lean journey. 

BARE Lean also includes 30 workouts exclusive to the guide. These will help you meet the exercise recommendations to support you in your journey of becoming leaner or achieving healthy weight loss.  BARE Lean also comes with a journey/accountability web app portal, specific to the BARE Lean guide.

The BARE Guide regular and the BARE Guide vegetarian are designed using the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, making them general healthy eating guides.


Join me on my journey with BARE Lean!  Why? Because as you can see, BARE Lean isn't just about getting leaner, but it actually gives you ALL the tools you need on your weight loss journey. Including taking out all the stress of counting calories (because we do it all for you so you never even have to look at calories!). It also gives you a platform to track the changes to your energy levels, stress levels, mood, body measurements and progress photos too! 💪🏼

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at info@leahitsines.com.au or alternatively check out our FAQ page here

Additionally if you want to kickstart a BARE Lean 7 day free trial, click here!

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