What Is BARE Essentials?

Hey Guys! I hope you're staying super safe and well. 

I know how easy it can be to lose focus of leading a healthy lifestyle in unusual times like these, but it is so important now, more than ever, to focus on maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health as this is one thing that we can control and is going to keep us strong moving forward. I don’t want you guys to feel stranded with your healthy eating, particularly with the reduced access many of us have to certain food products. So I thought what better way than to give you some more BARE recipes, using simple ingredients that you are likely to already have in your pantry, to cook while you are spending more time at home!

We’ve put together this BARE Essentials as an extension of the current BARE Guide and BARE Vegetarian Guide. The BARE Essentials contains 40 BARE main meal recipes that fit either Model 1 and Model 2, but instead of serving 1, they serve 4.

Each recipe has a meat-based and vegetarian variation, so whether you use the BARE Guide or the BARE Vegetarian Guide, there is an option for you!
 We also have a little freeze symbol that shows what can/cannot be frozen.  Along with this, we have a few included breakfast and snack recipe ideas.

Once you have stocked your pantry, fridge and freezer with the staples, you can then purchase your fruits and vegetables fresh as you need them or, as an alternative, use a mixed frozen variety – depending on what is available to you.

As you look through the guide you will notice I have included ‘mixed vegetables’ in some of the recipes, this leaves the option open for you to use whatever you have access to, 
whether that is fresh or frozen.

As for meats, your local butcher is often the best place to find what you need! If you can’t find what you are looking for, consider a different cut of meat or swap for an alternative protein.

The recipes inside are similar to the ones in BARE where they are not under 5 ingredients, however, you are able to access these ingredients easily. 

What we consider staples as: 


Tinned tomatoes, Tomato Passata (tomato puree),Tinned beans & lentils, Oats, Grains: (Rice, quinoa, couscous), Coconut milk, Tinned tuna, Pasta. Flour, Breadcrumbs, Stocks, Sauces (i.e soy sauce, chilli sauce), Oils & Vinegars (olive oil, sesame oil), Spreads (peanut butter, honey, maple),Nuts and Seeds, Dry spices, Baking goods (sugars, powders), Bread (Freeze before going stale!), Onion, Garlic, Potato

Fridge: Meats, Eggs, Dairy (cheeses), Sauces 

Freezer: Frozen fruit, Frozen Vegetables


Here are some more FAQ's that you might want to have a read of :) 

  • Do I have to pay for BARE Essentials if I’ve already purchased the BARE Guide or the BARE Guide Vegetarian?

  • Yes, BARE Essentials is an additional purchase for all BARE Guide and BARE Guide Vegetarian members. 

  • How much is BARE Essentials?

  • The BARE Essentials eBook is $15 AUD.

  • Can I use a discount code for this purchase?

  • Unfortunately, no discount codes will work on this product. We understand that you have purchased the BARE Guide/s before and we have therefore priced BARE Essentials to account for this, at the small price of $15 AUD.

  • Do you offer Afterpay?

  • Yes, After-pay is available for those that live in Australia and are wanting to purchase BARE Essentials. 


    • How many recipes are vegetarian / vegan?
    3 recipes are vegetarian completely, however every single recipe has a vegetarian swap - which is awesome! 
    • Are the recipes gluten free / nut free / dairy free?

    Nut free: 36 recipes 

    Gluten Free: 6 recipes (however many recipes with stock and soy sauce cannot be classed as GF, but 1 swap and it becomes GF) 

    Dairy Free: 19 recipes 

    Freezable: 25 recipes 

    • Is this for BARE Guide members only? If I haven’t purchased the BARE Guide, how can I access BARE Essentials?

    Yes, unfortunately as BARE Essentials is a top up eBook of BARE Guide recipes, the recipes and content will only make sense for existing BARE members as they will be familiar with the BARE principles and models. If you would like to purchase BARE Essentials, you’ll first have to purchase the BARE Guide and/or BARE Vegetarian Guide and familiarise yourself with the BARE concept and from there you’ll be able to purchase BARE Essentials via our BARE Guide Facebook community group. 

    • Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, as this is a digital product it is deemed used once opened. Please contact us with any questions before purchasing as we will not provide a refund once purchased. If you do accidentally buy two (web crashes etc) we will happily refund you the accidental additional purchase. 

    • Are the calories provided for each of the recipes?

    Personally, I do not believe in counting calories, as it is time consuming and unsustainable. I therefore haven’t included the calories for each recipe. The BARE and BARE Vegetarian Guide recipes use the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating which means the BARE models provide the appropriate amount of each of the 5 core food groups each day to support optimal health.  

    However, we DO have the macronutrients available for anyone who needs them. Please email leah@leahitsines.com.au with your order # and we can help you.

    • Are there snacks in BARE Essentials?

    BARE Essentials has 40 main meal recipes, along with some snack and breakfast recipe suggestions, however no physical recipes for snacks.