My Favourite 5 Minute Overnight Oat Recipes

Strapped for time in the morning? Well these 5 minute breakfast recipes are about to make your life 10X easier!!

I LOVE overnight oats because not only are they super quick and easy to make but they're also really delicious and healthy - aka the PERFECT way to start the day.

My tip is to meal prep your oats the night before - you can do 3 serves at a time - and then you can enjoy a grab and go breakfast for the next 3 days!

I love having fun with my oats and trying different toppings and flavours! So you have my permission to EXPERIMENT!! Try cacao, coconut, fruit, nut butter, honey, maple syrup, dates, cinnamon...the options are endless.

BUT if you're looking for some fool proof Overnight Oat ideas than I have you covered with my favourite 5 minute recipes below.

Plus, all these amazing recipes are vegan! So everyone can enjoy them!

1. Chocolate Overnight Oats

This is so so so delicious - and so easy to make! I mean who doesn't LOVE chocolate?!! Simply through everything in a container, mix and you're done.

Chocolate Overnight Oats


2. Strawberry and Coconut Overnight Oats 

This Strawberry and Coconut Overnight Oat is the easiest meal prep recipe ever! It's the perfect nourishing breakfast idea, especially when you're in a rush.

Strawberry and coconut overnight oats


3. Hazelnut Butter Overnight Oats

Mmm, if you're craving something a little sweet, yet delicious and still healthy.. give these Hazelnut Butter Overnight Oats a go. You can thank me later!

Hazelnut Butter Overnight Oats


4. Vanilla, Banana and Blueberry Overnight Oats

Yum! This Vanilla Banana and Blueberry Overnight Oats recipe is so creamy and delicious, and an amazing way to start the day. Heat them up in the morning for a super warming breakfast!

Vanilla, Banana and Blueberry Overnight Oats


5. Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats

Who doesn't love peanut butter and jelly?! Start your day with this super easy and healthy breakfast inspired by your childhood.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats


Try recipe or two this week and be sure to let me know your thoughts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your feedback!

Be sure to also share your creations with me on Instagram so I can like, comment and share! Use the tag @leahitsines and hashtag #leahitsines to reach out.

 Happy cooking,

Leah xx