My 7 favourite cooking tips (aka...make your food EPIC)

It's not secret that I LOVE cooking but I know how daunting cooking, let alone healthy cooking, can be! It's also tough when you're wanting to try different meals, but are unsure or not super confident in what you're making for the first time (totally normal!) so keeping a few tips and tricks in your sleeve is a really good idea incase you need a little boost of extra flavour, or something that can just make your life easier in the kitchen. 

So I wanted to share with you my favourite 5 healthy cooking tips that absolutely ANYONE can follow.These tips will make cooking quicker, easier and even cheaper. How good is that? You can thank me later haha! 

Alright, here we go! 

1. Use Infused olive oil for extra flavour 

Infused oil is a really good way to start your meals off with a big boost of flavour. Not only that, but if you're cooking for someone who may have a garlic/onion intolerance or someone who doesn't love too much chilli - these infused oils are a great base (especially the FODMAP friendly ones). This is not sponsored, but my favourite infused oils to buy are the Cobram garlic, garlic and onion, chilli and my new favourite - garlic and rosemary! These are all super good on meats, fish, pasta bases...literally anything! Infused oils go so well with so many of the BARE guide meals - make sure you grab some! 

2. Buy a sharp knife 

Theres nothing worse then trying to cut with a blunt knife, not to mention is almost MORE dangerous! My favourite knives are SHUN knives...A little expensive but goes A LONG way! All you need is a few really good knives and look after them as best you can (i.e no dishwasher etc) so you're able to keep them longer! 

3. Buy in BULK! 

Although it may seem expensive, it can actually be cheaper in the long run.  If somethings on sale, buy a few to last you! I typically do this with tuna, canned tomatoes, canned beans/legumes or things like rice, lentils/flours etc. In my pantry I have some beautifully labeled jars that I can re-fill with ingredients, and at the bottom of my pantry I have an "overflow" basket, with all the bulk goods so that I'm able to re-fill when needed. 

4. Wing it, be confident (or at least act like it!)! 

When it comes to a specific recipe, MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Follow the instructions, but theres no harm in changing/adding in some of YOUR faves. For example, If you've made a new recipe and you're sitting down to eat it, and you're not really sure of it, or flat out don't like it...don't eat it! CHANGE IT UP! Add some chilli, some infused oil, little sprinkle of fresh herbs, salt & pepper or a new spice! 

5.  Smell everything 

Foods like ground spices 'die' quickly, so make sure to smell them before you put them into your pan! If they don't smell like anything, then they wont taste like anything (or barley the flavour you want). Not only should you smell everything, but taste testing at the start, during and end of your meal is important. I taste test always when I'm in the kitchen because I want to catch things that aren't tasting right before I go to serve - everything is fixable! 

6. Don't waste scraps, use them! 

Food you'd usually throw in the bin like onion peels, potato skins, carrot peels, chicken or beef bones... KEEP! Boil these in some water with salt for a couple hours and they turn into a BEAUTIFUL stock that can be used for SO MANY THINGS! My favourite is using this stock for chicken soup. Here is a base recipe for chicken stock, where you can add your veggie scraps too! Click here :) 

7. Make extra and freeze 

I always make extra food when i'm cooking, because who doesn't love left over pasta for lunch?! If you have a recipe that you LOVE - then make triple the recipe (depending on the serving size) and freeze. That way, you can get home from a long day at work and whip it together in 10 minutes. 

I hope these tips we're super helpful - or at least one or two of them that re-sparks some things you want to try and do in the kitchen. 

If you're wanting more recipes, more deliciousness' and a little community encouragement - then come on and join the BARE Guide community! 


Love, Leah xx