My 7 favourite cooking tips!

Leah Itsines My Cooking Tips


These are my FAVE tips for cooking! Super easy & EVERYONE can use them in their cooking!

1. Infuse oil! I infuse my olive oil with chilli or garlic to give a little extra when i'm cooking pasta or veggies! 

2. Buy a sharp knife! Theres nothing worse then trying to cut with a blunt knife, not to mention is almost MORE dangerous! My favourite knives are SHUN knives...A little expensive but goes A LONG way!

3. Buy in BULK! Although it may seem expensive, its actually cheaper in the long run! If somethings on sale, buy a few to last you! Theres ALWAYS room for extra tins of tomatoes! 

4. WING IT! When it comes to a specific recipe, MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Follow the instructions, but theres no harm in changing/adding in some of YOUR faves...i add olives to everything!! 

5.  SMELL EVERYTHING! Foods like ground spices die quickly, so make sure to smell them before you put them into your pan! If they don't smell like anything, then they wont taste like anything! Also, you don't want to be putting anything that is past its used by date into the mixture! 

6. DON'T WASTE! Food you'd usually throw in the bin like onion peels, potato skins, carrot peels, chicken or beef bones... KEEP! Boil these in some water with salt for a couple hours and they turn into a BEAUTIFUL stock that can be used for SO MANY THINGS! My favourite is using this stock for chicken soup! 

7. MAKE EXTRA! I always make extra food when i'm cooking, because who doesn't love left over pasta for lunch?! 

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