How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

If you've ever travelled — whether for work or pleasure —you would know that it can be hard to stay healthy while travelling. So I wanted to share with you my top tips on how to enjoy healthy eating and keep on top of your goals even when you're not at home.

From healthy travel snacks to easy ways to stick to your routine, you'll have everything you need to stay healthy while enjoying your trip!

1. Do Your Research

When planning my trips, I search for a local gym and local healthy restaurants. I know I will be eating out more while on holiday than I usually do at home, so it’s important to do my research and find good cafes and restaurants nearby so I can eat delicious, healthy food.

2. Try To Stick To Your Routine

Personally, I find it easier to stick to three main meals and two snacks a day as I usually would at home and this is what I recommend in my BARE Guide, as it allows you to enjoyed sustained energy through out the day and won't leave you hungry! While travelling, I often check out local supermarkets and pick up some healthy snack options (or even breakfast options) that I can eat in my hotel or on the go.

3. Prioritise Exercise

Exercise is essential for me to kick-start my day! When travelling, it’s great to walk and take in the city you’re in – this is an easy way to get your steps up and get your body moving. If you have a local gym around, a quick HIIT session in the morning will get your blood flowing and set you up for an amazing day!

4. Stay Hydrated

If you didn't know already, staying hydrated is SO important!! Being hydrated helps to increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and support your body to function more efficiently. From flying to exploring new places, travelling can really dehydrate your body because your always on the move. Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you on your travels and drink 2-2.5 litres of water a day - otherwise you can end up feeling weak and fatigued...and you don't want that when you're travelling. 

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These are the exact tips I implement every single time I travel and they always help me! Try them out on your next trip and be sure to let me know how you go via Instagram using the tags @leahitsines and #leahitsines.

I absolutely love hearing from you!

Leah xx