How To Stay Healthy When You're Feeling Unwell

We all hate the feeling of feeling un well or getting sick and during these times we're often not feeling like ourselves.. Which males it so much harder to stay healthy and get your body and mind back on track. Whether you’re suffering from a mild head cold or a bad flu, there are some small things you can do to help yourself feel better in no time! Below are my tips you can incorporate while feeling sick!


To maintain a strong immune system, you need to eat! If you have a sore throat, reach from something that soothes your throat while giving you a boost of energy and vitamins like my Chicken Noodle Soup or Honey Tea below. The hot broth will help keep your nasal passages clear and can also help prevent dehydration!

Chicken Noodle Soup

Turmeric & Honey Tea


It’s also important to stay nourished and hydrated when you're feeling unwell. I recommend drinking 2 - 3L of water a day so you can really try and get all of those nasty symptoms out of your system! 


When I feel unwell, I choose not to exercise, but I will often set up at home and opt for a stretching session. When you’re sick, sometimes you feel tighter than usual and your muscles are sore, so a massive stretch session or a light walk (if you can) could truly make a difference – physically and also mentally.

Eat The Right Foods

Garlic and ginger are perfect to consumer when you're feeling unwell.

Garlic, has anti-microbial properties that are good for healing viruses.. You can add this to almost all of your foods to help!

Ginger, is another that is perfect for soothing stomach aches and potentially even help fight inflammation. I love adding freshly ground ginger to my teas!

I hope you loved these tips on How To Stay Healthy While Feeling Unwell and I hope they help you when you are feeling unwell!

Leah x