BARE Model 2: Meal Prep Sunday

Welcome back for the second BARE edition of Meal Prep Sunday!

Once again we're going to be prepping easy, delicious and healthy recipes together from my upcoming BARE Guide. Yay!

I've designed ALL my BARE meals to be meal-prep friendly so you can easily fit healthy eating into your life. Plus, I've even included weekly planners so you can plan your food for the week and stay organised, whether you want to meal prep, batch cook or cook as you go.

So first things first, before you get started be sure to download your FREE BARE Taste Tester, which has 10 exclusive recipes from my upcoming BARE Guide.

Grab your FREE copy here and get excited because these are the delicious recipes we're going to be using for Meal Prep Sunday! 



1. You'll notice in the BARE Taste Tester that I've given an example week of how to plan your meals. You can choose to follow this or switch around the days, just make sure that for each day your only eating from one model, either Model 1 or 2 - not a mixture of both. Please note for this week of Meal Prep Sunday, I'll only be going through the method for Model 2 but you can also prep Model 1 here if you want. 

2. For each recipe I provide, you'll need to work out how many serves you need. This is determined by how many days you follow Model 2 and also how many people are following the plan along with you. For instance, if you and you're partner (2 people) decided to follow Model 2 from Monday to Wednesday (3 days), you would need to make 6 servings of each recipe.

3. The BARE Guide is all about balanced and healthy eating made easy and delicious. While the BARE Taste Tester is a 1 week example, the BARE Guide can help you lose, gain or maintain your weight. Click here to find out more on this topic.

4. As I said above the BARE Taste Tester is only a 1 week example so there aren't any recipe swaps, however the BARE Guide is packed with over 120 flexible recipes so you can swap recipes and eat the way to want. For now, if there's an ingredient you don't like then simply swap it out for a similar ingredient that your like e.g. beef for chicken, cucumber for tomatoes, brown rice to quinoa. For baking, though I recommend that you stick to the recipe :)

5. After you've portioned out any warm or hot meals into containers, make sure you give them some time cool on your bench, before putting the lid on or putting them in your fridge. Putting hot into the fridge straight away, can cause bacteria to form and no one wants that.

6. If you're not going to eat your food within 3 days to cooking it, make sure you freeze it! That way you're at no risk of getting sick from your food :)



Breakfast: Boiled Egg and Chorizo Shakshuka

Snack 1: Apple and Nut Butter

Lunch: Chicken Pesto Pasta

Snack 2: Banana and Blueberry Bread

Dinner: Lentil and Quinoa Stir-Fry

Don't forget to download your BARE Taste Tester for the recipes. Grab your FREE copy here!



1. Read through this whole post first - so there's no risk of missing anything - and then work out how many days and how people are following the plan so you know how many serves you need to make of each recipe.

2. Go through each recipe and construct your shopping list for the week. What's great about meal prepping is you don't need a million different ingredients because you're making the same meals.

3. Go food shopping!

4. Once you're home, make sure you're kitchen is clear and ready for cooking, and then get out all the ingredients and containers you need. This is also the time you can put on some music, a podcast or a movie - or maybe you just want silence - whatever you need to enjoy the next couple hours.

5. Let's start cooking! First you're going to make your Banana and Blueberry Bread. Simply follow steps 1-5 and then once the loaves are in the oven, set a timer for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, set the loaves aside to cool. You'll come back to it later.

6. It's time to make your Boiled Egg and Chorizo Shakshuka. Follow all the steps and then place each serve into individual container so you can easily grab your breakfast in the morning.

7. Now for your Apple and Nut Butter! As this snack involves no cooking and can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes, I recommend you make this fresh. In this step, I want you to organise your ingredients by having your apple and peanut butter next to each other - at home or at work - then everything is easy to grab when you need them.

8. With your breakfast and snacks done, it's time for lunch. Follow all the steps for your Chicken Pesto Pasta and place each serve into an individual container. Once the food has cooled you can put it in the fridge.

9. Let's finish of with dinner! As always, follow all the steps for your Lentil and Quinoa Stir-Fry and then place each serve in an individual container. 

10. By this time your Banana and Blueberry Bread should have cooled, so but it into slices and place each serve into individual containers so you can easily grab them on the go. Once the food has cooled you can put it in the fridge.

11. Time to clean up! Put on your favourite music so you can smash this last step. After you've finished cleaning, all your food should have cooled down so you can now put on the containers' lids and store them in the fridge.

12. You're done! AMAZING!! You just finished BARE Meal Prep Sunday and you should feel so so so proud of yourself. Well done for putting your health and tastebuds first. Now take some time to sit back and relax - you've earned it!


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Leah xx