BARE Guide Transformations & Their Stories


"Haven’t done a progress photo in so so long and decided to compare a picture of me now to an old pic of me and wow!! 😭 this actually made me cry! I am so proud of myself 🙈. This journey has been so stressful, a lot of ups and downs, but shifting my mindset with the way I eat has helped me A LOT!!!

My recent eating habits have helped me tremendously. I used to be the kind of girl who turned cheat meals into cheat days, cheat days into cheat weeks.. etc. I would say “eh well I already ate not the best so I’ll just start again on Monday”. I AM SO HAPPY I DON'T THINK LIKE THAT ANYMORE!

I have been using Leah Itsines' Balanced And Realistic Eating Guide @bareguide for my meals because it’s exactly what it stands for! I literally eat all my favourite foods and don’t crave cheat meals/days/weeks! This is such a huge step for me because I have always struggled with eating! 😭💙.

Thank you so much Leah for creating one of the best guides I have ever seen & the most supportive community 😭💙 I LOVE YOU!

To stay active and keep my body moving, I have been making sure I hit 10K steps at work, go to kickboxing 3 times a week, and I lift 2-3 times a week 💜

Honestly, this makes my heart melt.. I am so proud of Stef and hope this message motivates and inspires you to kickstart your own healthy eating journey!

Tess Robin 

Something I love about my BARE Guide is being able to help women all over the world. While some of our goals might be different (weight loss, weight gain, maintenance) we also have many goals that are similar, one of which is to learn how to eat healthy, for life and actually FEEL HEALTHY.

This transformation story I'm sharing with you today is about how Tess Robin stopped focusing on a certain goal (weight - loss) and started focusing on how she actually FELT!

"LEFT: at the end of another flare-up from my Ulcerative Colitis which took about 3 months on an off. 

RIGHT: In remission. Recent picture of me feeling the healthiest I’ve EVER felt in my life!! Trust me that’s a HUGE thing for me. If you’ve followed me since the beginning, then you know my one and only goal is to FEEL HEALTHY. Not to lose a certain amount of weight etc.

My journey started in 2015 after being diagnosed with an autoimmunes disease. Over the years, through researching, trial and error, exercising with #bbg and #pwr, a LOT of physical therapy for my weak joints, I have come such a long way with achieving my goals.

BUT I never (really) gave my relationship with food an actual change. Since I can remember I have had a terrible, negative relationship with food. Not because of weight issues or appearance but I just didn’t like eating or the fulfilled feeling. I did like binging on potato chips every night though..

When @leahitsines asked me to try out her BARE Guide I knew I couldn't say no! I mean, it’s Leah!! But also the concept and flexibility really spoke to me. As well as the message behind it; Balanced And Realistic Eating🌱. Which was exactly what I was looking for, I just didn’t know how..

I started eating from the BARE Guide in February (left pic) right at the end of my flare-up and it was literally the best gift for my health! I haven’t seen a hospital since. I bounce back more easily after stressfull times, I have less migraine episodes, less bloating and less stomach issues from my UC! I have learned more on what my intolerances are and I have way more energy. Also looking back now, my relationship with food has became so much better!

In short, if you want to choose health, energy, peace of mind, but also burgers and pizza 🙈 over measuring every bite or feeling drained and low in energy, 
I suggest to join the #barecommunity and change your life! Just like I did ❤️

THANK YOU @leahitsines for changing my life! 💕

Laura - @balancedbylaura

I look at my lifestyle as healthy because I exercise regularly and I eat pretty much most foods all in moderation - no cheat meals or cheat days anymore for me 🙌🏽 I love the relationship I have with food and there is no “bad food” in my mind ✅ 

I take these photos to see the physical changes my body goes through and to look back on 💪🏽 MARCH 2019 > MAY 2019 

I can see the physical changes in these comparison photos and also in my clothes that feel different on me.. my mindset towards food (and exercise) has changed significantly this year and I am loving the @bareguide which has helped me get my eating back on track 👊🏽 I eat the right portion sizes and know more about food all thanks to @leahitsines for creating such a creative and delicious guide that is easy to stick to and enjoy 💫 I am currently doing her #bare12wc 

For exercise.. As you guys know, I follow #BBG by Kayla Itsines and have for a few years now, with also adding in my own lunch time hikes or own gym workouts but it’s thanks to Kayla I am where I am today with my exercise routine that I still love 

Honestly, this makes me so happy and I am so proud of Laura! I can't wait to see how the rest of her #bare12wc challenge goes.