Amazing Testimonials From The BARE Community

I created the BARE Guide so you can change the way you eat and enjoy healthy, balanced and delicious food for life.

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"I am absolutely LOVING Leah Itsines' BARE Guide. BARE stands for Balanced And Realistic Eating. I have always struggled with “meal plans” and “diets” because I either restricted myself too much, or I hated it after a week or two. This lead me to over eat, feel guilty, and stop eating healthy all together. 

The BARE Guide has changed me relationship and views on food in such a positive way! I no longer feel guilty about eating the foods and enjoy, and I am not over-eating like I used to because I am not deprived of foods that makes my tummy happy. I am forever thankful for Leah, this community, and the BARE Guide." 

Stephanie, Instagram: Stefittie


"The BARE Guide has truly made balanced and realistic eating simple, easy, accessible and most of all, delicious and enjoyable! Eating the BARE way, I know I am nourishing my body with the nutrients it needs to thrive while also enjoying all the foods I love. It feels effortless, and this is certainly a way of eating I can sustain for life - because BARE ultimately is a lifestyle. I'm also Dairy & Gluten Free, and I have had no trouble adapting the recipes to suit my dietary requirements - the recipes are so flexible and adaptable and could be easily adjusted to any dietary needs. 

As I work full-time, I'm a huge advocate for Sunday Meal Prep and do this every week. I have found the BARE Guide recipes have been perfect for my meal prep breakfasts, lunches and snacks because they don't take hours to prepare. An hour or 2 in the kitchen on a Sunday, and I've got delicious, balanced meals and snacks for the whole week that I actually look forward to eating!"

Elise, Instagram:

"Leah Itsines’ new bare guide makes healthy eating so easy and delicious. I love how she hasn’t missed out on any macronutrient needs and how it isn’t a restrictive way of eating. This way of eating fosters a healthy relationship with food and gives the power back to us to enjoy food how it should be! The recipes are so tasty, easy to follow and can be varied if needed to fit dietary requirements. I couldn’t recommend the bare guide enough!"

Amelia, Instagram: ameliasbalancedkitchen


"Often we’re told and shown that unless we aren't eating a bland plate full of chicken and broccoli then we aren't “healthy eating” or living a “healthy lifestyle”. Leah Itsines Bare Guide proves that statement wrong! Filled with delicious, exciting and nutritious meals that are easy to prepare, cost efficient and simply just taste damn good! She proves you can enjoy a healthy and balanced life eating foods you love! The recipes are creative, versatile and full of flavour! The Bare Guide is an absolutely must have and I guarantee you will love it as much as I do! Happy cooking!!!!!"

Chloe, Instagram: healthywithchloe


"As soon as I downloaded the bare guide, I couldn’t wait to get cooking. I’ve never believed in diets but rather just enjoy foods in a balanced manner. Leah’s bare guide is exactly that! It’s a realistic eating guide without complications and still enjoying all your favourite foods. What’s not to love?!"

Rouba, Instagram: thefoodiekitchen


"I’ve struggled with my eating for many years. My diet struggles with food have either been too much, too little, or too restricted. Meal prepping has been the only way to solve for this issue. Leah’s BARE Guide really helps lay out what a healthy, balanced and yummy meal prep diet should be. And when life gets crazy, it’s nice to look in my fridge and see my prepped options to keep me on track. I never feel like I’m hungry and I’ve always got great clean snack options because of the BARE guide. I’m not the greatest cook but somehow these simple recipes make it look and taste like I actually know what I’m doing it the kitchen. It’s amazing!"

Katrice, Instagram: katricenoelle


"The last few weeks I've been cooking BARE recipes for my meal prep and OMG! the recipes are simple, quick, healthy and most importantly delicious! I look forward to eating my  meals every single day! Meal prepping is part of my lifestyle and BARE has made it a more enjoyable activity. If you're getting started with your meal prep or if you're an experienced meal prepper, I'd highly recommend the BARE Guide!

The guide not only provides you with breakfast, lunch and dinner options but also snacks, which are super simple to make and are very convenient to take with you to work or just anywhere you go (give the banana & blueberrie loaf a go! you'll thank me later!) Also, I love that BARE has been tailored to meet the AGFHE (Australian Guideline for Healthy Eating), which means that you will be getting the nutrients you need for good health!"

Angela, Instagram: the_healthy_diary


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