8 Tips On How To Stay Healthy At Work

Sometimes being healthy can just seem like all too much, especially when it comes to having the energy or time to do things while at work. After all they do say health = wealth, so here are 8 Tips On How To Stay Healthy At Work!

1. Eat Sensibly

This one goes without saying, if you're at the local pub every lunch time enjoying a pizza or burger, your body won't love you. I often find the best way to stack on track is meal prepping and taking lunches and snacks to work, to avoid eating out and eating poorly.

2. Eat Regularly

Following on from number 1, It's super important to eat when your HUNGRY! I understand sometimes work gets in the way, however, if you can find time to eat every 2-3 hours a day.. You'll be more energetic and more productive at work! You and your boss can thank me later haha.

3. Drink Regularly

We often underestimate how much of a benefit being hydrated really is.. It's super important for your body to consumer 2 - 3L of water each and every day. Dehydration can cause illness and sluggishness.. So this will keep your body feeling fresh and alive within the work place!

4. Take Breaks (often)

This has to be one of the most important tips I can give you! Taking a break every hour can help boost your mental, emotional and physical productivity throughout the day. Sometimes just a little walk to the toiler, coffee machine or the printer can be the best thing to break up your working day. 

5. Maintain A Good Posture


I am one of the worst culprits at this.. often if you're sitting at your desk working away on your computer you can tend to slouch down in your chair, putting added stress on your neck and even back. If you have a stand up desk, you're 3 steps ahead.. However, it can be a good idea to occasionally stand up and stretch your legs, back and neck from time to time. 

6. Limit Your Caffeine Intake

I know.. We all love coffee, especially ME being back on the coffee train as of 2 weeks ago (shhhh!!). I'm not saying to cut coffee or caffeine out all together, I'm just saying try not to have 5 coffees a day, just to stay away. At the moment I'm trying to consume only 2 coffees a day so my body can get all of the nutrients/energy from the food/snacks I eat throughout the day!

7. Have A Clean Work Station

Mitch always yells at me for this one.. Haha which might have something to do with why I struggle with productivity throughout the day. But.. apparently, having a clean work space/desk can boost your overall mood and productivity.. So maybe give this one a try! I will.... one day!

8. Stay Away From Sick Employees

I don't mean to be rude.... But It's either you or them... And they're already sick, so protect yourself! Sometimes you just have to say sorry Susan.. I'm going to eat lunch by myself today. After all, you don't want to be sick.. Do you?!

I hope you love this blog and use some of this tips/techniques To Stay Healthy At Work!

Leah xx