Bare Guide - Block 3 – LEAH ITSINES

Welcome to the BARE guide!
Here you will find everything you need for weeks 9-12 of your journey.

BARE resources, recipes and meal planners! Simply click the button to download each. HAPPY COOKING!

BARE Recipes
Block 3 (Weeks 9 to 12)

Welcome to the fun part! Here you will find your recipes for Weeks 9 - 12 of the BARE Guide.
Feel free to print them and refer to them throughout your BARE journey! DOWNLOAD

BARE Weekly Meal Planners & Shopping Lists
Block 3 (Weeks 9 to 12)

I have included two example weekly meal planners that reflect how I would eat from BARE throughout the week.
I have also included blank weekly planners if you wish to create your own each week!
Print these out and stick them on your fridge as a reminder! They will help make healthy eating, easy!.


BARE Resources
Block 3 (Weeks 9 to 12)

To help your BARE journey, I have included resources which includes cooking tips, tricks and educational resources.
Feel free to print out your BARE resources and refer to them as needed.

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