Miriam's BARE Transformation

What I love about the BARE Guide and in particular BARE Lean is we're able to help women all over the world achieve their goals. 

This transformation story I'm sharing with you today is all about progress over perfection and how small wins along the way, win the race over time.

Check out what Miriam had to say below.

"Slow and steady wins the race!

Strive for progress not perfection - something I tell myself all the time. Since I'm such a perfectionist but also want everything to be done NOW and fast, I have issues with patience and being graceful with myself.

Instead of judging myself for that bag of chips at a game night, or critizing myself for the things I didn't achieve this week - why not instead give myself grace because I prepped healthy meals for the week and give myself credit for what I actually DID achieve!

This is what I actually HAVE achieved over the past 4 weeks due to BARE Lean, which was better than what I had expected.

  • I've lost 2.5kg
  • I'm down 8cm in my overall measurements 
  • I fit into 2 NEW pairs of smaller size jeans (pants)!!! Which would never have fit before
  • Not to mention I FEEL amazing & more energetic than before

Talk about mini wins hey @leahitsines!

This journey isn't about numbers & scales - it's about how you FEEL within your body! And I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I'm back at working out again, my energy levels are on their way back up an my mood has been lifted by the amazing BARE community.

Looking to embrace a healthy change and make better food choices.. Get your own tailored BARE Lean guide today!"

I absolutely LOVE this! The fact that she has had so many little wins along the way in only just 4 weeks is an amazing credit to her dedication.
What are you waiting for?! Kickstart your BARE Lean journey today!