Janine's BARE Transformation

What I love about the BARE Guide and in particular BARE Lean is we're able to help women all over the world achieve their goals. 

This transformation story I'm sharing with you today is about how Janine one of our community leaders was able to tick off some of her goals while only using BARE Lean for a short amount of time.


Check out what Janine had to say below.

I’ve struggled with eating and body image issues my whole life. I never thought I was good enough or that I was pretty enough. I felt that I had to be skinny for people to like me, which led to a terrible relationship with food. When I was 15 I suffered from bulimia and anorexia, this lasted well into my late 20’s. I can’t even describe how awful it was and the mental health issues that resulted from it. I felt like a failure and I was miserable.

In my early 30’s I wanted to have a healthier relationship with food and my body. I worked my way up from a couple days a week at the gym to going six times a week. But now I felt that if I wasn’t muscular or fit that I wasn’t good enough or people wouldn’t like me. I turned from not eating and purging to counting every calorie that went into my body and exercising a lot. I tracked my food and was very restrictive with it all. Then the crash came, because living that way was NOT sustainable. I mean, who wants to eat bland chicken, plain veggies and little to no carbs every day. I started eating junk again, but still tracking it all, which only made me feel even worse because I would see the numbers in the tracking app. I still wasn’t living the healthy life that I wanted and again I felt like a failure and I was miserable.

Fast forward to the day I discovered BARE. I can’t tell you how BARE has changed my life. I was already working to find a healthier way of living and eating. I wanted to learn to cook delicious food and finally stop counting calories (I had tried many times before to let go of that way of living without success). I was also working on my mental health, creating a more positive attitude and life for myself. BARE was that final pivotal piece that would catapult me into the life I had always desired. Delicious food that’s healthy and balanced, a community that would support me on my journey, the knowledge that I am enough, that living a healthy life that’s enjoyable is possible and most importantly - that I am NOT A FAILURE. I am beautiful and strong and I can do this! I’m finally living the healthy life that I envisioned for myself. I enjoy my food, I exercise because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. I still have down days; days where I struggle, days I eat a bunch of junk and am lazy. These are the days I can reach out to the wonderful community and look for encouragement and support. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, and it’s true, I have made some genuine friends through the BARE community. It’s a place I feel safe and valued, where I can be me – struggles and wins, without judgment.

And now with BARE Lean, I cannot express how thankful I am for this product!!!! This is going to take my journey to health and fitness to a whole new level. As I age I know I need a little boost and I can have it all with BARE Lean. I still have access to healthy balanced and bloody delicious food and I don’t have to COUNT ANYTHING!!! The BARE team has taken all the stress out of it and calculated everything for me. Oh, and if I feel really hungry one day, they say, eat an extra snack from the guide if I need it. It’s so flexible. Even the amount of exercise is realistic, 30 minutes five days a week. And not only that they don’t tell me what exercises I have to do, just do what I love to do, I can do that. And if I don’t know what to do there is a list of workouts I can choose from in BARE Lean. 

My journey isn’t over, it never will be, but BARE Lean (and BARE in general) is setting me up for a lifetime of success because it’s realistic, it’s easy and it’s enjoyable. Every day I learn to love myself a little more, to be gentle and kind with myself, to learn to step outside my comfort zone (try new foods and new exercises) and encourage others to do the same. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the BARE team! You are all a breath of fresh air, of positivity and encouragement. You have changed my life and I know you will change so many more in this world. 

I absolutely LOVE this! The fact that she had changed her life around and has become more confident than ever but still acknowledges that it's okay to not feel okay and that her journey is not over. It's so good to see!!
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