Barbara's BARE Transformation

What I love about the BARE Guide and in particular BARE Lean is we're able to help women all over the world achieve their goals. 

This transformation story I'm sharing with you today is about how Barbara one of our community leaders was able to tick off some of her goals while only using BARE Lean for a short amount of time.

Picture on the left is Barbara at the start of her BARE Lean journey.

Picture on the right is just a month into her BARE Lean journey.

Check out what Barbara had to say below.

BARE Lean is something I really think is revolutionary. It’s rare to see females helping each other and loving each other when it comes to “diet” and food. All you see are diets, cutting certain food groups, counting calories intensely, or exercising 4 times a day.. but BARE is the first thing that I’ve seen on a mass scale of women trying to help each other, eat healthier, love what their eating and still be happy and healthy. And to not do it out of self-hatred or trying to look a certain way! BARE is really important in that way.

On my personal journey – I’m a nutrition major at university and seeing everything that I’ve been learning in class applied in the guide is amazing, because I constantly see cookbooks that are gluten free, paleo, etc – which I understand people may need for medical reasons, but other cases it can be so restrictive or extremely unhealthy. There is usually no middle-ground or delicious food. It’s either disgusting, but it will help you lose 50 pounds in a week. Or it tastes really good, but it also has sticks of butter in it. Eating BARE has been amazing. Especially on my BARE Lean journey, because yes I’ve lost some weight and I look better, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY this is the first time that I’ve lost weight not to look a certain way or to please a certain person – but just to FEEL better with myself! Every time I’ve tried to lose weight before this, I have felt sad, depressed and hated myself even more because I wasn’t doing it in a healthy way! I honestly think BARE takes away that stigma of women having to hate themselves to lose weight. The “oh I hate how my body looks so I need to lose a few pounds” compared to “I like myself.. but I want to feel healthier and feel better.. maybe run a certain number of kilometres so I can be proud of myself”. This is the way I think BARE Lean is revolutionary.

If I had to give any advice to a woman who was about to start her BARE Lean journey, I would say – don’t overthink it! Just make the plan, make it special, incorporate the components how YOU want in your life, and don’t overthink the process! Don’t try to count calories – there’s a reason why calories weren’t given in the guide.. it’s so you can build a healthy lifestyle and enjoy what you eat. So my advice is if you don’t overthink every part of it, and just enjoy the amazing recipes and workouts, you’ll live your life to enjoy it! I promise you won’t only see results physically, but MENTALLY you will receive so many results! I could talk about it forever.. BARE is amazing! I would highly recommend it to any one!

I was lucky enough to have gotten BARE lean a little while ago and wanted to share my progress! Though you can see some physical changes (down 3.5 pounds and 3 cm on my waist!), I’ve also experienced some mental wins as well! This is the first time I’ve lost weight without calorie counting or obsessing over how fast I was losing it/ how I looked in the mirror. This is one month by the way. Thanks so much BARE team!

I LOVE this so much because not only does Barbara look amazing but she feels great too and is experiencing mental wins along the way!
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