I LOVE KOMBUCHA! It's such a delicious drink that I have every couple of days (if I could, I’d have 5 a day haha). This is a DEEELICIOUS "Mocktail" for those of you who need a non-alcoholic drink by the pool this summer (aka...me! lol)

1 raspberry and lemon macro kombucha 
1 apple macro kombucha
1 small handful of fresh blueberries
1 tbsp honey
10 fresh mint leaves 
5 fresh strawberries 
1-2 limes, sliced into wedges 
5-6 ice cubes 
More ice to serve 


  1. In a large blender, add ice, kombucha, 3-4 mint leaves, blueberries and honey. Blend until completely combined (around 1 minute) 
  2. Add ice into a large serving jug and pour in the kombucha mixture. 
  3. Add lime, strawberries and the remaining mint leaves and stir through. 
  4. Serve cold! 

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