Coconut Water Mocktail

It's SUMMER TIME YAY! I love summer so much and absolutely love hanging out by the pool, chilling out and having DELISH summer fruits. I always love love love having a super refreshing drink by the pool too and coconut water is seriously the BEST!

I used Macro Organic Coconut Water and added a load of fruit (watermelon, berries, fresh herbs like basil and mint & lime!) all available from @woolworths_au. If you're feeling like you need a 'mocktail' type drink by the pool, then GET ONTO THIS!!


Prep time: 5 minutes  
Makes: 1.5L (serves 6)

1.5L Macro Organic Coconut water 
¼ Watermelon, sliced 
1 lime, sliced
1 small handful basil OR mint 
½ cup blueberries
½ cup raspberries 

Ice to serve 


  1. Mix together the coconut water and fruit into a large jug. Add basil/mint and lime slices. Mix and serve. When you reach the bottom of your cup, eat the fruit!