What Does BARE Mean?

Probably a question that I get most often (apart from how to roll the perfect yiros haha) is What Does BARE Mean? Does it stand for something? Why did I start it? and Leah, how do I pronounce it?!

If you've been curiously wondering, here's a short definition of what BARE is and why we have so many women living and breathing it.



Sounds the same as pronouncing the name of the animal, bear

B.A.R.E standing for Balanced And Realistic Eating

You guys know me well enough by now to know that I come from a big Greek family where food is EVERYTHING. As I grew older, I questioned more and more why more women chose not to enjoy a variety of food like what we did in our family.

Somewhere along the way, women were told cooking was either an over-complicated form of art with 35 ingredients and requiring a university degree in flavour;  or that you could only prepare 3 very lonely ingredients, steamed, without a pinch of salt in sight.... forever.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or boring, because the truth is that both ways are unrealistic for the vast majority of us. So I wondered why is it that most eating regimes are trying to tell women to follow these kinds of harsh rules? 

What happens to those of us that just want to eat good food and not have to think about absolutely every "bad" that's going into it. And those of us that just want to live and enjoy life? To be completely present in those special moments with our partners, our kids, our dog, our goldfish... whoever.. what happens to those of us trying to naturally live our lives AND eat healthily?

BARE simply is about choosing ingredients that are realistic for you to cook with, in recipes that are realistic for you to love, and CONTINUE to love throughout your life. BARE is all about teaching women HOW to enjoy a nutritionally balanced and healthy relationship with food, without any restrictions. I never cut out any carbs, cut out any fats, or sugars.. because realistically speaking.. it isn't a regime that's maintainable for the majority of us.

All of our guides, including BARE Lean, contain recipes from burgers and curries, to pancakes and banana bread. Each recipe is nutritionally balanced, quick, easy, and most importantly, written alongside a dietitian to ensure you're getting all the macronutrients your body needs. And also.. just sayin.. all the Greek-inspired recipes are approved by YiaYia.. so you tell me if that ain't some proof!! 😜


Simple philosophy? Yes. Applicable to everyone? Absolutely. Am I on a beautiful mission to show women how easy and maintainable it is to eat alongside these principles? YOU BETCHA.


Carbonara From BARE Lean


I am always here with you every step of the way. I actually follow my own guides as well. So if at any time you want to chat about which BARE Guide is right for you, reach out to me here!

Find out about BARE Lean here and how it can help you on your journey to feeling leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident in life!


Love always,
Leah xx