Vegan? These are your best protein sources!


The biggest questions vegans get asked is "But where do you get your protein from?"..... SIMPLE! Veggies are PACKED with proteins are minerals that have the SAME amount as animal proteins. Below are some of my FAVE vegan ways to get protein! 

BLACK BEANS! - These magic beans have 21g of protein PER 100g! A 100g steak or 100g piece of chicken both have roughly 25g of protein....NOT as far behind as people would think! 

KIDNEY BEANS! - These ALSO magic beans have a massive 24g of protein per 100g. These are a GREAT source! 

LENTILS! - Lentils not only have a HUGE protein amount, they pack the a HUGE amount of fibre! In 100g of lentils, there is 26g of protein which is AMAZING! 

PEANUT BUTTER! I think i'm just using this one as an excuse....but it has 25g of PROTEIN PER 100g?!?! So, its okay to eat a whole jar?! #yes HA!