Top 15 BARE Lean Meals To Freeze!

Listen up, because I'm about to drop the biggest time-saving hack I use while on BARE Lean...


What is it you ask?




Let me tell you.. if you haven't been using your freezer to make your meal prep 10000% easier.. you are seriously missing out! So if you haven't been getting the most out of your freezer, or if you're already best friends with your freezer.. keep reading because I'm about to share with you my TOP 15 BARE Lean Meals You Can Freeze! 🔽


Apple & Almond Muffins

Page 35

These Apple & Almond muffins are PERFECT for when you're on the go!! As soon as you make them, individually wrap them and store them in a freezer-bag in your freezer. As you're leaving in the morning, take them out and they're ready to eat in 30 minutes! For a little somethin extra, put them in the microwave for a little once they've thawed 🤤

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze - Apple and Almond Muffins



Eggs on Toast with Potato Rosti

Page 46

What I love most about this breakfast is that the most time-consuming part is the part you can freeze and thaw out when you need it - the rosti! That way all you need to do in the morning is chop up your fresh tomatoes, toast your bread and fry your egg! Simple! REALLY easy to make the potato rostis in bulk as well!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze - Eggs on Toast With Potato Rosti




Quinoa Frittata

Page 56

This Quinoa Frittata is such a lifesaver for time. After you finish baking it, let it cool down, slice it into your portions, wrap them, and freeze them individually for an on-the-go savoury breakfast! Thaw the night before or on the morning, and YES warmed up for a little once it's thawed is definitely the way to go 😍

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze - Quinoa Frittata





Oat Pancakes

Page 52

The Oat pancakes AND the Protein Banana Pancakes from the guide are absolutely incredible to make in bulk and freeze in individual pancakes! SUCH a time saver without the bowl/whisk/pan clean-up every morning!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze - Oat Pancakes




Berry Smoothie Bowl

Page 38

I absolutely LOVE a good smoothie bowl, especially in our ridiculously hot summers!! Making it even EASIER for you to enjoy.. place all of your frozen fruit portions in their own individual clear resealable bags.. that way what you need to do in the morning is super minimal!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze - Berry Smoothie Bowl




Chicken Pesto Pinwheels

Page 76

If you haven't experienced the glorious pesto pinwheels as a snack yet, you are going to love them even more when you realise you can freeze these after you make them.. WOOO!!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Chicken Pesto Pinwheels


Berry Oatmeal Slice

Page 62

The Berry Oatmeal Slice is something seriously so amazing, and what's even better is you can make these in bulk and freeze them after you slice them up! How simple! You can prep 2 weeks worth of snacks in 1 go!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Berry Oatmeal Slice



Apple & Cinnamon Bliss Balls

Page 61

I absolutely love a good bliss ball and these are no exception. They are the perfect little afternoon pick-me-up and they're SUPER easy to freeze too!! In fact, all the bliss balls are perfect to freeze, so why not try the Peanut Butter Protein Balls or the Mocha Protein Balls as well!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Apple Cinnamon Bliss Balls


Spinach & Sweet Potato Triangles

Page 79

For a savoury snack that you can pre-prepare and freeze, these are the most perfect parcels of deliciousness 😍 Once you bake these, wrap them individually and put them in the freezer ready for when you'd like to enjoy them! The best way to eat these after they've thawed is popping them in the oven for a quickie reheat - they'll be warm AND will go crispy again! If you haven't got BARE Lean yet, these Spinach & Sweet Potato Triangles are in the BARE Lean Free Trial!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Spinach Sweet Potato Triangles




Birthday Cake Slice

Page 63

The Birthday Cake Slice has a real special place in my heart. Simply because it's so bloody delicious hahaha. Like the Berry Oatmeal Slice.. wrap your slices up individually and freeze! SO easy!!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Birthday Cake Slice




Zoodle Ragu

Page 153

If there is ANYTHING I love to pre-prepare the most.. it's an epic pasta sauce. I feel like I can put so much more love and care into making it when I'm not making it every week... you know? So what I love to do is make a BIG batch, freeze them in individual portions and then just take a container out to thaw the night before I need it! You're future busy self will LOVE you for it!!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Zoodle Ragu



Lamb Kofta with Tabouli

Page 121

Since you all know I'm not really big on meal prepping complete meals.. this one is perfect for me! All I have to do is cook the Lamb Kofta's in bulk and freeze them in portions. I prefer this way so much more.. because when it comes to preparing this dish, the hard part is already done! All I need to do is chop up the fresh ingredients and I'm done!!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Lamb Kofta with Tabouli


Pulled Pork Tacos

Page 137

These Pulled Pork Tacos are seriously EPIC! Since we're slow-cooking this DELICIOUS pork for 4-8 hours.. it is such a load off of the shoulders to know that I can freeze some of the portions for me to use another week! These tacos are seriously like the gift that keeps on giving hahaha 😂

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Pulled Pork Tacos



Barley & Bean Stew

Page 84

Some days, all you want in the world is a heart-warming meal, pre-prepared, without an ounce of cleaning up.. you feel me? This is that dish. You can make this entire meal and freeze in portions and just take it out when those days come up!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Barley Bean Stew



Chili Pork Schnitzels

Page 105

I can guarantee you, if there is one thing that is ALWAYS pre-prepared in bulk inside my freezer.. it's 10000% a big batch of schnitzels. They are the easiest, most versatile thing to keep pre-prepared. After I crumb the meat, I lay them out on a tray in-between sheets of baking paper, and put it straight in the freezer. Once they're frozen solid, I transfer them to a clear resealable bag to save space in my freezer! They take less than hour to thaw out, and you can cook them right away!

Top 15 BARE Lean Meals to Freeze – Chili Pork Schnitzels



So there you have it... my Top 15 BARE Lean meals that will save you OODLES of time by using your freezer!! Inside the guide there OVER 72 FREEZE-ABLE RECIPES with some form of freeze-able component in them.. whether it's being able to freeze parts of the meal, the entire meal,, or the most time-consuming part of the meal! For tips and tricks on safely freezing your food, and making sure nothing goes to waste.. check out my blog here on my BIGGEST tips for you & your freezer!


I hope this helps you to become best friends with your freezer while on BARE Lean (I know I already am hahaha!)


Love Leah xx