Top 10 BARE Lean Recipes On A Budget

If you've taken a scroll through the BARE Lean guide, you'll notice that once you buy your staple ingredients, cooking on a budget (ie. getting the best bang for your buck) can be SUPER easy. But which recipes are the BEST of the best to whip up when you're on a budget you ask?

Here are my TOP 10 budget-friendly meals from BARE Lean! 🔽


Blueberry Oatmeal 

Page 39

Made using frozen blueberries, the Blueberry Oatmeal is a great one to make when you're on a budget. Buying fresh berries can get SUPER expensive, so it's nice to get that berry flavour without breaking the budget!

Blueberry Oatmeal from BARE Lean


Peanut Butter On Toast

Page 54

Made from simple, easy ingredients that you very likely already buy or already own! SUPER budget friendly, and who doesn't love peanut butter?!


Peanut Butter on Toast from BARE Lean



Dips & Veggies

Page 67

These dips can be made in bulk which makes them really easy on the pocket since you don't have to buy tiny quantities and you can make one dip to last you the whole week! And they are ESPECIALLY great because the Roast Capsicum Dip and Spicy Butter Bean Dip can be FROZEN, making it EVEN EASIER to make in bulk!


Dip & Veggies from BARE Lean


Pumpkin Soup

Page 77

Oh my goodness do I LOVE a good pumpkin soup. SO GOOD because they are packed with so many VEGGIES!! Plus the other ingredients are things you'll likely already have in your pantry AND you can make these in bulk, freeze in individual portions, and then just take them out when you need them! How amazing is that!!


Pumpkin Soup from BARE Lean



Mocha Bliss Balls

Page 73

If you haven't tried the Mocha Bliss Balls yet then you are seriously missing out! These are SO yum, and they only cost $4.60 AUD for the ENTIRE BATCH!! Plus they freeze SO well.. again making it really easy to buy in bulk, make in bulk, and then keep in the freezer for whenever you're ready for them! If you're not already a BARE Lean user, this recipe is available FOR FREE inside our 7 day BARE Lean Trial! Click here to sign up!


Mocha Bliss Balls from BARE Lean




Caprese Pasta Salad

Page 90

This is a really really easy dish to make with simple, fresh ingredients! And the ingredients for the dressing you very likely will already have in your pantry! The recipe uses cherry tomatoes, but if they're expensive where you are, you can always use regular tomatoes instead. EXTRA SAVER: If you have a little herb garden at home, home grown basil makes this dish even more cost savvy!


Caprese Pasta Salad from BARE Lean



Roast Vegetable & Grain Salad

Page 139

This salad is packed with ALL the goodies, and the best part is that they are basically ALL vegetables! Recipes with mostly vegetables are AMAZING because you can weigh them at the store and just buy what you need for your meal. You can also cook and freeze the vegetables for this recipe and keep them in the freezer, ready for you to defrost when you want to make it again! Quinoa really expensive where you are? That's okay! You can swap in whatever grain you already have at home or for a grain that's cheaper where you are!


Roast Vegetable Grain Salad from BARE Lean



Pork Salad & Pita Chips

Page 134

This is a REALLY easy recipe to whip up and really kind to the pocket as well! This recipe is mostly just veg and meat! And if pork is too expensive where you are, you can absolutely swap for another meat! I just love making this because I can really easily marinate the meat and then pop them in the freezer in their portions.. making it SUPER practical to not have to buy meat in smaller quantities when they're at their most expensive!


Pork Salad with Pita Chips from BARE Lean



Meatballs In Spanakorizo

Page 126

The Meatballs In Spanakorizo... oh my. This dish is all kinds of heart-warming GOODNESS. And even better for YOU because it goes such a long way!! You can swap the meat around to suit your budget if beef mince is a more pricier option. But after you buy the meat, it's mostly just pantry staples and veggies! How easy is that!!


Meatballs in Spanakorizo from BARE Lean



Tuna Bean Salad

Page 146

This Tuna Bean Salad is seriously one of my FAVOURITES because it is so damn easy to whip up, and really easy on the pocket as well! Canned beans are really cheap to buy, and tinned tuna can be purchased in handy 5 packs which makes this recipe even more cost efficient! You can also swap the grain for one you already have in your pantry or one that's cheaper for you! Super versatile and easy to whip up on a budget.


Tuna Bean Salad from BARE Lean


So there you have it... my Top 10 BARE Lean recipes on a budget! All our recipes are super easy to make swaps to, so you can customise and accomodate for ingredients that may be more cost savvy for you wherever you are in the world! (and quite often I do the same!) I hope this helps you to make use of our most budget-friendly recipes in BARE Lean, and to also draw inspiration from on how YOU can make the other recipes more budget friendly!
Leah xx