How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Leah Itsines How to Stay Healthy While Travelling


Traveling around the world (or even just state to state) is AMAZING and I encourage anybody and everybody to go for it, it’s an experience like no other. However, the only thing that I find difficult about traveling frequently is falling in and out of routine! Here are some of my tips to help you stay on track while you’re away!

  1. Sleep

 It’s super important to sleep while you’re overseas or just travelling interstate. Your body needs to rest, especially when you’re physically travelling to different time zones through the world, lagging luggage around all day, walking around and doing touristy things or even working away. Make sure you’re having a goodnight sleep at the end of each day to ensure you wake up feeling fresh the next day... oh and invest in a good Hotel with super comfy beds! 

  1. Prepare yourself

I think one of the hardest things while being away is fitting in your meals or eating healthy while you’re in a foreign country or town. If you have time, do your research before you get there, research local cafes, restaurants and places that fit your current routine! I always try to book hotels with gyms nearby, healthy cafés and parks!  

  1. Be a TOURIST!

Within reason, walk everywhere! Take some steps, sight see and ENJOY your time wherever you are, all while keeping your steps up! Take a step counter and aim for 15,000 steps! There are so many secret, hidden beautiful spots in different places that you won’t discover if you drive! I don’t mean running yourself ragged to the point of exhaustion, but if something is only a 5-minute car ride, why not walk?

  1. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Don’t skip meals just because you’re away. Eating just as you typically would is important! Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day as you’re breaking your overnight fast by eating. Find good local, healthy cafes that are around the area that you’re going to be in that day. 

  1. Hydrate

I can’t stress this one enough guys, walking 3,4,5 hours a day and being the best tourist ever can be quite time consuming and physically hard! Often we forget to stop and drink some water. It’s important to stay hydrated and make sure you’re drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day. The last thing we want to do while away is over exhaust our bodies more than we already are. Grab a big water bottle and drink it throughout the day – also make sure your hotel is stocked up!