Taking a Vacay? These are my tips to stay on track!

WOOHOO you're going on vacation?! EXCITING! Some people find it difficult to stay on track with their eating and fitness routines - here are MY tips that help me, and can help YOU!

1. So, you need to reset your expectations. Usually, if you're go on vacation, your whole routine will be out of whack! Remember doing SOMETHING is better than nothing! Do not beat yourself up for not working out, your on HOLIDAY remember! 

2. Do your homework – before you leave, try booking a hotel with a gym or a gym thats walking distance! This way you KNOW you'll be able to keep up! Also, research any amazing hikes or walking trails that are in your area! 

3. Be a TOURIST! Take some steps, WALK everywhere, sight see.... ENJOY your time where you are, all while keeping your steps up and making the most of your holiday! Take an apple watch or a step counter and aim for 15,000 steps! 

4. PLAN your days! Its SO easy to sit by the pool and order meal after meal...but this needs to be PLANNED. Make sure you plan when you're going to eat, so you avoid snacking or getting hungry! 

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