Stuck at home? My Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Home!

Are you working from home? or staying in for the next couple weeks? There is a few things that you can do to curb over-eating or mindless snacking during the day while at home. 

I know, a little while ago we were sitting at our desks, wishing it was home time so we could rush home, eat some yummy dinner and relax, but now - staying home is a little more challenging then I had expected! I'm a serial snacker, so I needed to put some structure into my day to stop me from overeating. 

My number one tip is.... 


Simple, right? Maintaining your eating schedule as closely as you would at work is your best bet to curb snacking!  For example, the below is how I would typically eat at work, so I try to stick to these times for eating as much as possible. 




SNACK - 3:30PM


Having these times set in place, you'll be less likely to graze on additional foods across the day. If you don't maintain regular eating, you are more likely to skip meals, overeat at the next meal or reach for choices that you typically wouldn't

There are more ways to curb over eating and we've talked through them in #BARE essentials!

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I hope this helps :)

Happy cooking & stay safe everyone!

Leah xx