Naomi Isherwood and her Incredible BARE Lean Journey

Hey guys! 

I am absolutely blown away by this incredible BARE Lean journey. One thing when I started developing BARE Lean is that I wanted it to be seamless, I wanted the women to feel empowered, educated and confident in their ability to continue their new healthy habits to the rest of their lives. 

If you're wondering what BARE Lean or the community can do for you and want to hear it from someone who has gone through it - then below is the most amazing genuine testimonial. 

Below are her words: 

My Journey:

My journey with my fitness, health and diet has been a long old battle, full of twists and turns. My relationship with food has been a bumpy road from starving myself in the day, massive binge sessions on non-balanced snacks, juice diets, restricted calories, restricted carbs as well as following the different diet plans we have all heard of (which I’m not going to list because that’s a wormhole you don’t want to go down!). Nothing worked for me and it took me a long time to work out why!

I wasn’t fuelling my body or giving it the energy or nutrition it needed to function not only at a basic level but also during periods when I would exercise intensely. I tried to do it myself but I still struggled with my portion sizes or knowing how to build my plate to give me a balanced meal and to provide me with enough fuel and energy to have a productive day at work or to smash out a workout.

I started following Leah back in 2019 and brought the BARE guide as soon as I could. Slowly I started to realise I didn’t and shouldn’t feel guilty about eating pasta or snacking on a puff pastry pin wheel (if you know, you know!). I was still struggling with my portion control and holding myself accountable and as if by magic Leah, Mitch and the team must have been in my head because BARE LEAN was then released.


What can I say – BARE LEAN has quite literally changed my life! I brought the guide / plan because I wanted to take back control of my body and my mental health. What I have gained, however has been so much more!

For me progress has taken time and It’s made me realise why it is so important to complete the bi-weekly check-ins as it has allowed me to see how I am doing against the goals I set, look at my physical changes pictorially as well as through measurement numbers. As I always say to the BARE Community, NEVER just rely on the scales for progress or compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journey and all have a different starting point. For me I knew I wanted BARE LEAN to help me fall back in love with my body and myself. Yes I wanted to shift some of the weight that sits around my hips but I knew that was going to take time because of my body type which is totally ok!

Has it always been easy? Absolutely not! Have I had days where I have reached for that extra snack, or that chocolate bar? Absolutely yes! Do I feel that guilt or nagging feeling still when I eat something that isn’t in the guide? Nope!

BARE has equipped me with the knowledge and ability to now build up my plate with the right foods at the right quantities! It’s also shown me that it’s ok to have meals out or to have that takeaway pizza. Your progress will NOT be ruined by it! I have grown in confidence to the point that I now set the BARE Community weekly exercise challenges to help push them and to keep them moving throughout the week.

I’m now on my third cycle (weeks 25-37) and I’m STILL seeing changes in my mental health and physical appearance! After the second 6 week challenge (and my second overall cycle of the plan) I reviewed my progress so far and was amazed at how far I had come!

🍷 I’ve been able to reduce my alcohol consumption dramatically

🐻 I’ve been able to find my purpose again and to be open and honest about the ups and downs of day-to-day life through supporting and being supported by the amazing BARE community

👖 I’ve managed to fit back into my favourite pair of red jeans!

📏 I’ve lost weight and CM’s even off my pesky hips! And my double chin is a lot smaller! But I’ve also learnt it’s ok to maintain and to not be deflated by it!

💪🏼 I’m so much stronger then I was before (the abs are fighting to be seen)

💁My skin is so much better with way less breakouts

😴 I’ve learnt that it’s ok to have rest days

👯 I’ve made friends for life from our EU Bare Bears workout group to the rest of the BARE Community

🥞 I now know that it’s totally ok to eat pancakes every weekend, crumble in the week and to take your brownie into the bath tub with you 🤣

🍲 I’ve incorporated making one new recipe a week into my routine and I’ve actually eaten far more veggie meals then I had expected to!

💤 I’ve prioritised my sleep by getting off my phone 30 min before bed at least 85% of the time

❤Andddd a big one for me is I now have the confidence to be who I am and to let my light shine!

Thank you to Naomi for your incredible words - we are SO grateful for your constant love and support. We are SO grateful to have you as a community member - you are amazing!!  

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