My Top Tips For Your Night Time Routine

I recently wrote a blog post on my new morning routine, which you ladies absolutely loved! I have plenty of women online asking me how I get up so early and how I've started making healthy lifestyle changes... and it seriously it all comes down to the night before. Below are a list of nightly routine things I love doing, which are helping me become more motivated and make me live for night time!

Enjoy a healthy dinner

For me night time all starts as soon as I finish work and now that I've started gyming in the mornings.. I have so much FREE time after work! I look cooking and I love eating delicious food, so between 6 - 7pm you will catch me in the kitchen, preparing dinner from BARE, listing to Dr Phil on YouTube... and this is what I call ME TIME!! A delicious, healthy dinner just puts me in the best mood ready to tick off the rest of my nightly routine tasks!


Post Dinner - Enjoy a relaxing tea

Typically if I'm still hungry or feeling like a little snack after dinner, I'll enjoy a nice honey tea! This really helps my digestive system and helps nip those sugar cravings. I've personally never really been a sweets/dessert person so I live for my night time teas, haha yes, I know I'm a grandma... But it makes me happy.

Minimise screen time before bed

This one was totally Mitch's idea and at first I hated the idea of it...I love watching Dr Phil, Judge Judy AND of course replying to you guys all night long!! However, we've recently tried to cut out screen time as much as possible 1-2 hours before bed and surprisingly it's actually really helping me sleep! We do still watch Netflix on the occasional weeknight, however, minimising intense screen time where my eyes were fixated on my phone for long periods of time has definitely helped. I now fall asleep much easier and actually sleep throughout the night!! You should definitely try this one.

Have a long shower + my nightly skincare routine

Now... this is my absolute FAVOURITE time of night! This is part 2 of ME TIME haha. I love having a good hot shower where I can sing in the shower and make up imaginary scenarios in my head (don't act like you don't do this.... haha!!). It really helps me to relax! I love exfoliating, and getting out of the shower to moisturise. I feel clean and ready for bed! 

Prepare for the next day

I touched on this in my previous morning routine blog.. And I honestly can't stress the importance of this step enough. I'll organise my workout clothes, food, daily tasks and everything I need to organise myself for the next day. This helps me save time at 5am the next morning and really helps me be super organised and efficient throughout the day.

Go to sleep early

Super important, especially if you're anything like me and love getting up early in the morning!! Typically I've been getting up at 5am each morning so I've I'm not in bed and sleeping between 9 - 9:30pm I'll be getting cranky! Getting to sleep early helps me function in the morning.. Because no one likes being sleep deprived. This step is essential for me and you know what, I actually look forward to 9pm because it's BED TIME!!!

I hope these tips help you.. I'm really enjoying both my morning + night time routine lately and above are all of the tips I have implemented over the past month, which are really working for me. If you don't think you can do all these at once, try one or two a couple nights a week and see how you feel! 

If you'd like to see anything else, let me know!

Love, Leah xxx