My Top 5 Tips For Starting Your Day Off Right!

Are you sick of feeling sluggish when your wake up? Or simply dreading the day ahead when you wake up? Those days are gone!! As you may have seen on social media lately.. I have a new morning routine and it's honestly made ME soo much happier and efficient throughout the day, I wish I had done these 5 things earlier!

Here are 5 things I do before I start my working day that are really helping me right now.

Prepare the night before

For me it all starts the night before, I love getting my workout outfit, shoes, drink bottle and everything I'll need to take with me, prepared the night before. I put everything on my bedside table so I go to bed motivated and ready to conquer tomorrow. PS.. As a kid I used to sleep in my school clothes so I wouldn't have to get changed in the morning.. Maybe this is a little too far haha, but being organised here will help you beyond belief.

Wake up early

As you may have seen lately, I am in my 4th consecutive week of waking up at 5AM 6 days a week, yes.. Your read that right, 5AM!! For some reason I find it easier to get up at 5AM rather than 6 or 7, plus this gives me enough time to get a nice workout in before breakfast and work! Many of you have been asking what time I go to bed to wake up this early and honestly I fall asleep between 9pm - 10pm each night and I absolutely love it. When I get up early, I feel like I have SO MUCH TIME during the day because all the things like cardio, workout, stretch, breakfast etc that you'd do in a rush are already done, night time activities are endless! 

My two tips on getting up early...
Be consistent! - It gets easier, I promise! After 3-4 days of it, you spring out of bed (or like me....slidee.....) but your body starts to get used to it! 
Move your alarm out of reach! - This is literally what I had to do to start. I set my alarm and put my phone on the ground out of reach so I HAD to get up, and it set it conveniently next to my workout gear! No excuses once your gear is staring at you haha! 

Avoid Technology - Stay off your phone

This is a funny one.. but let me explain it to you so it makes more sense! If you're someone like me who is super reactive to any notification, email, text OR anything on your phone.. I find it best to keep away from my phone in the morning at least until I'm back from my workout. This helps me be LESS reactive towards emails/work and more proactive towards ME TIME which is the BEST part of my morning routine. This lets me workout in peace and actually get in a sweaty intense workout, without distractions! If you haven't done this.. Try it, it's actually quite a peaceful, nice thing! 

Workout / get out bed and get moving

For me, I don't like workout after work or at night.. So I need to get up early and smash out a good workout, so I can set myself up for the day ahead. I find if I'm up early, sweating and working out it makes my day so much easier and it also makes me feel so AWAKE. I've heard many people say get the hardest part of your day out the way first, so the rest of your day is EASY! This definitely applies for that morning workout because if you can smash that.. The rest of your day is nothing!!

If you're not a morning work out person, thats fine too! Maybe wake up early, have a shower, walk (if possible) to a local coffee shop, have breakfast and start your day that way! 

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and get ready to conquer the day ahead! 

Lastly... BREAKFAST!! I love getting home by 7am and sitting down with Mitch for a quick BARE breakfast before work! It's super important for me to fuel my body for the day ahead, especially after a huge workout. For me, I get to sit with Mitch and talk about work/the day ahead, eat good delicious food and of course sip on my well deserved coffee.. So I love it!

I hope these tips help you.. I'm really enjoying my morning routine lately and above are all of the tips I have implemented over the past month, which are really working for me.
If you'd like to see anything else, let me know!

Leah xx