My New York Finds

Hey Guys! Everyone has been asking me for a blog on my favourite places to eat & things to do in New York.. So here you go!! 

As I'm sure you all know there are thousands of amazing restaurants in New York, and the food is amazing. Here is a list of some of the places I'll often return to when in the city :) 

Two Hands -  164 Mott Street, New York. 
If you're looking for a good coffee in NY and some amazing Australian style breakfast, this is the place to go! I was CRAVING Aussie coffee (sorry my fave Americans haha!) and this place delivered. A latte and a watermelon juice were my absolute favourites. 
I ordered the basic eggs with bacon + every single side haha it was EXACTLY what I needed! Mitch and I will always come here at least once for breakfast every time we're in NY. I went up to pay for my food at the counter and the lady goes "Aussie right?" JUST LIKE THAT QANTAS COMMERCIAL HAHA. Apparently people just get the bill at the table.... well... I'll know next time haha! 

Bluestone Lane - 55 Greenwich Avenue, New York
Another Australian Cafe! I really found my Aussie places didn't I...
Bluestone Lane has amazing smashed avocado on eggs and amazing Australian style coffee too. I highly recommend trying out any of their cafe's if you're nearby and want a delicious breakfast and even better coffee. I think we ordered smashed avo and a baked eggs - both were so good! 

Starbucks - Located every & anywhere!
If you're looking for a decent coffee (legit would order mocha everywhere #hotchocolate)  and a typical American breakfast like a bagel and cream cheese this is the place you need! I live in Adelaide, so we dont have Starbucks so I just had too. However, most of my NYC friends told me "not to give into the green witch"....but I HAD TOO. 

Chopt Salad - Several Locations in NY
Wow, just wow.. I am obsessed with this place. If you're looking for a massive portion, delicious, build your own, well priced salad or wrap, I recommend eating at Chopt. If you're in NY in the summer, you must try this place.. Perfect for a quick on the go lunch. Always busy and packed with local busy professionals, so you know its good. Trust me you'll thank me for this one later!! I order just a random salad with all my faves with caesar dressing, but I've heard their Mexican caesar is incredible, so thats next on my list! 

Catch - 20 W 39th Street, New York

Hands down my favourite place to eat in New York and by far the best food I've ever eaten overseas. If you like Japanese style raw fish and sashimi style food, this place is for you. I would compare Catch to something like Nobu, however, a younger crowd and better food. I would say this is a little more on the expensive side, however, if you're looking to treat yourself.. Well worth it. The atmosphere is amazing here, such a cool restaurant. They also have a restaurant in LA too.. Which is just as amazing. Do yourself a favour and go here!! I ordered the salmon sashimi, the tuna sushi hand roll (best I've ever eaten), the chicken bao buns and the waygu tacos. BOOM. #allforme

Laboratorio - 329 W 51st Street, New York

BEST ITALIAN! We actually discovered this place by accident.. Funnily enough, Mitch and I wanted to try their sister restaurant down the road! We walked in to the sister restaurant and it was booked out. The staff suggested we walk down the road and eat at their sister restaurant Laboratorio, which shared the same menu, was less busy and had a table free for us right away. So we walked on down, and let me tell you.. The service, food and atmosphere is better than their main restaurant down the road (we ended up trying it the second time we came back). Please, try the Lasagne here... Best EVER!! Mitch and I are obsessed, we typically go here 2-3 times when we're in town haha. 

Santina - 820 Washington Street, New York

A new style Mediterranean/Greek style restaurant which is amazing. Located close to Chelsea, this is a restaurant you must try. My sister says the chickpea pancakes are incredible - so you know they're good! 

Shake Shack - Multiple Venues in NY

If you're looking for a burger and fries, this is the place to go. This place is well priced and well worth the wait (there's typically a large line up at each of their restaurants). However, if you go here.... you MUST get a shake. Don't be a party pooper and order a soft drink, it just isn't the same haha!!

I hope you love these recommendations and if you're ever in New York, make sure you try some of them.. I promise you, I'm all about good food!!

Love, Leah x