Kacey's BARE Journey

Hey Everybody! 

Introducing....Kacey! An incredible BARE member who has absolutely blown us away with her honestly, achievements and genuine attitude towards health, inspiring the BARE community to do better everyday. We are SO grateful to have Kacey in our community, she has been an absolute gem not only to us, but to the entire BARE community. 

One thing when I started developing BARE Lean is that I wanted it to be seamless, I wanted the women to feel empowered, educated and confident in their ability to continue their new healthy habits to the rest of their lives.  If you're wondering what BARE Lean or the community can do for you and want to hear it from someone who has gone through it - then below is the most amazing genuine testimonial. 

Below are her words: 

Kacey's Journey:

Personally for me, going into it my goal wasn't necessarily to lose weight, but to focus on my mental health. I'm so happy to say that has changed immensely. I have confidence now that I haven't had for years (including about to hold a jon interview 2 weeks ago and be successful!! I start tomorrow!!) but also mood wise. 

Before the challenge, I was in such a slump. The havoc of mental/physical pain of fertility treatment, the day to day grind of being the stay at home mum and trying to do everything that comes under that title..things had started to feel heavy. My purpose to life was unknown and I just felt so flat everyday. 

The 6 week challenge has taught me who I am again. I'm such a happier person to be around, I thrive on living my best life and I'm so proud. 

I have never taken part in a BARE 6 week challenge, but this time I thought ‘why not? What have I got to lose?’ Well, apart from losing 5.8kg and 39cm.. I GAINED confidence, strength (mental and physical) and courage.

The support from the BARE community is one that I’ve never experienced before - cheering from the sidelines for those little goals and the big goals, and the ongoing support is what kept me going.

I now have a healthy relationship with food - no foods are considered ‘bad’ in my life anymore because everything is great in moderation. My sweet sugary cravings are gone and I no longer want to binge because the recipes in the guides provide sweetness without overdoing it.

But the best part? My mental health has improved. I’m happy, I love life and I have so much more energy than I did before the challenge.

If you’re on the fence about joining the BARE community or registering for a challenge, jump over that fence and DO IT!!

I will be forever grateful to Leah and her team for creating this community.


Thank you to Kacey for your incredible words - we are SO grateful for your constant love and support. We are SO grateful to have you as a community member - you are amazing!! We are so proud of your journey and SO happy that you have improved in all areas - thats what we love to see! 

If you're wanting more recipes, more deliciousness' and a little community encouragement - then come on and join the BARE Guide community! 

Check out MY BARE GUIDES! Kacey used BARE Lean :) 

Love, Leah xx