How To Multiply BARE Lean Recipes!

Multiplying your recipes for the week's meal prep? Getting the whole family on board? Or is it you can't keep your toddlers hands off your plate long enough to finish your BARE Lean meal? HAHA HOW AMAZING!! ūüėĄ

It is SO much easier to build healthy habits when the whole family gets involved or when you're able to cook meals in advance!

But since most of the recipes in BARE Lean are serves for 1, there's a unique way to multiply the recipes so it's not a flavour overload by the time you've finished multiplying! So here's how to get it done...


Multiplying BARE Lean Recipes Graph


Start with simple multiplying

To make your BARE Lean recipes serve multiple portions, you'll of course need to multiply the quantities of the ingredients by the number of serves you want to make. For example, x 2 for two serves, x 4 for four serves and so on.

BUT BEWARE!! There are some staple ingredients in recipes that you won't need to increase as much as others!


Pay close attention to the flavourful ingredients!!

How you adjust your flavourful ingredients will take a little personal judgement while you're cooking. These are ingredients like onion, garlic, oil, stock, dressings, sauces, marinades and spices... as all of these ingredients INCREASE flavour! So you need to be careful that these ingredients aren’t over-used!


So this is what to do..

Let's say you're multiplying a recipe by 4. First you'll start by multiplying the main ingredients by 4 (the ingredients without the sauces, marinades, spices, etc).

Then, multiply your flavourful ingredients, like the dressings, sauces marinades, spices, etc... by 2. Start cooking or assembling your dish and let the flavours infuse.

After this point you'll want to do a taste-test of your meal. It may be absolutely spot on! But if it isn't, that's okay!¬†You can just adjust those flavourful ingredients accordingly from there¬†ūüėä


All the information you need and MORE on¬†Page 47¬†of your¬†BARE Lean Resources¬†document¬†ūüôĆūüŹľ


Happy cooking!
Leah xx